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not preventive

granting or inclined or able to grant permission


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Yet, even at this time, vociferous dissents by Justices Murphy and Rutledge advocated interpretations that reflected an inconsistency between a narrow and permissively oriented interpretation of the Geneva Conventions and fundamental American values.
begins permissively, waiting until the illicit market shrinks to some
According to Steven Snyder, state regulation in the United States falls into three categories: first, states that are proactive in that they have either legislated permissively or prohibitively; second, states which have not legislated but in which appellate decisions have supplied some judicially created law that governs; and finally, those states that have no legislation or case law.
For example, some condoned selling Christians wine that could potentially be used in the celebration of the Eucharist, and so rendered the Jewish wine-seller a party to idolatry; others permissively turned a blind eye as Christian servants made the challah for Jewish homes and thus adulterated the Sabbath meal.
The most direct way for an agency to obtain that leeway is to secure a broad delegation of the right to promulgate rules of evidentiary privilege governing communications between or among a permissively specified list of entities.
The Congo does not dispute the well-established proposition that the permissively worded provision in section 9, which enables but does not require a party to seek award enforcement pursuant to the FAA, is tied exclusively to award enforcement procedures under Chapter 1 and does not preempt *328 longer enforcement periods available under state law.
Japan's constitution restricts the nation's Self-Defense Forces to just that -- defensive activities -- but the constitution can be construed permissively to allow, for example, defenses against ballistic missiles and protection of allies.
Permissively worded legislated disclosure requirements would also have the advantage of permitting a court to balance, in particular circumstances and at a particular point in the litigation, the plaintiffs interest in disclosure against the defendant's interest in non-disclosure.
At present, the practice of prostitution is not permissively regulated in any of the American states, except for the majority of the counties in the State of Nevada (and previously and partially with the temporary exception of Rhode Island, due to a defective regulation that was remedied in the year 2009).
In K-Generation Pty Ltd v Liquor Licensing Court, (82) which involved a Kable challenge to the validity of a court having regard to secret evidence, the High Court had shown a willingness to read statutory provisions very permissively to ensure courts retained broad powers to accord procedural fairness to persons affected by potential decisions.
Nonetheless, loyal sectors, abetted by self-serving survey organizations and sympathetic mainstream media and networks, continue to cling to the Cory mystique and Noynoy's honesty, despite the growing perception that the Aquino administration is not only incompetent, lacking in long-term vision, static, and unimaginative, but also the fact that the Aquino administration is permissively corrupt, amateurish, and inefficient.
Regulators have permissively allowed a lack of uniformity in how ETF providers are permitted to label their products.
Articles 20 and 21 of the Code are worded permissively so as to grant physicians the discretion to breach professional secrecy "when there are compelling and just grounds related to the health or safety of the patient or of others.