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not preventive

granting or inclined or able to grant permission


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139) Increased emphasis on the proper statutory construction of CPLR section 302(a)(1) will result in a less restrictive application of New York's long-arm statute and will give our state's judiciary discretion to more permissively apply the statute.
written permissively, indicating that Title I of the ACA did not require
Arguably, such a line of reasoning would help to ensure that jus ad vim actions would not be undertaken too permissively, although the risk is that the veto system may paralyze their just use.
Although the development of previously described "open" formats has suffered from several limitations, Chambers and colleagues mitigate these challenges through open-source, permissively licensed, cross-platform software that is robust enough to be used in both academic and commercial projects.
The judges also argued that Fatima Hernandez had acted permissively and cooperated in the rape.
Temple believes this gender difference may be attributed at least in part to social beliefs about sexting, particularly that it may be perceived permissively and positively for boys and thus, not considered risky or to be associated with other dangerous behaviors.
Appellants then filed a motion to intervene as of right, and in the alternative, to intervene permissively under Rule 24 of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (FRCP).
In the second republic, whether the "political questions" doctrine would apply or not to preclude adjudication in some matters would depend on how section 6(6) of the Constitution is interpreted by the judge: whether restrictively or permissively.
the Youngstown framework--whether applied permissively or
139) The attorney in Whiting argued that he should be allowed to permissively withdraw based on three Model Code provisions, (140) which the court stated provide "guidance for the court as to what constitutes 'good cause' to grant leave to withdraw as counsel.
Secondly, even if they do hold such a collective position it may be asked whether the concept of abuse can be interpreted more permissively on the grounds that the party who performs the abusive measures (here: federation) does not itself derive any economic benefit from the conduct.
As summed up before Shady Grove "The Rule need only be valid under the Constitution, as very broadly read in Hanna, and under the Rules Enabling Act, as very permissively interpreted in Sibbach v.
They were misled by a doctor's book of raising children permissively [The Common Sense Book of Baby and Child Care by Dr.
In fact, this liminal field remains permissively vague, even escapist--a space where few difficult questions are asked.