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in a permissible manner


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153) This is understandable given Justice Rehnquist's express mention of the CWA, the statute at issue in Caltrans, as an example of Congress's permissibly authorized use of Ex Parte Young.
According to thesis D, if the probability of a proposition is taken to be uncertain, or just as likely as not, and if believing that proposition is the only feasible way one has of gaining some desired end, and if the utility of believing is greater than that of disbelief or suspending belief, then one may permissibly believe that proposition.
Add that my other obligations make me too busy permissibly to do both.
206) Granted, the state and the federal governments legislate permissibly.
This requirement effectively overides an individual plan definition of compensation which may permissibly be different from the section 415(c)(3) definition.
The central legal issue was whether the landlords could permissibly deregulate and charge market rents for certain so-called "luxury" apartment units in the complexes in years in which the landlords were receiving tax abatements from New York City known as "J-51" benefits.
The remaining defendants permissibly denied him visits in 2013 because he did not use the correct procedure to request them.
If we are to continue to take seriously the concept of the administrative constitution, we must also think seriously about how that constitution can permissibly evolve over time.
With respect to the former, I argue that a relatively just and peaceful state threatened with foreign aggression may permissibly compel all citizens to pay their fair share of taxes for military defense.
Charlie may have acted quite permissibly, if a bit unkindly.
that the promise is permissibly dissolved should the feelings of either
This comes after the Labour Court ruled in the company's favour and declared that the employees' demand for the N$30,000 cannot permissibly form part of any lawful industrial action, hence the strike that started on Friday, 23 September was illegal.
Rather, we might think it simply a nice thing that the Borough might permissibly do for its residents.
Having determined that the statute was ambiguous, the Third Circuit moved to the second prong of the Chevron analysis, whether the regulation permissibly implements the statute.
engage in homosexual acts and permissibly uses the speech as