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in a permissible manner


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Katz considers the possibility of rejecting the condition limiting the cost of aid that is morally permissibly to force others to provide.
Harriet Barovick, DWB: Driving While Black, TIME, June 15, 1998, at 35 (defining the term "profiling," and citing police authorities' uniform denial that race is permissibly used as one such characteristic for police to consider).
11) Today, international law recognizes that nations may permissibly exercise extraterritorial jurisdiction over disputes in which the state has an interest, so long as each state recognizes the duty not to interfere with the sovereignty and jurisdiction of other states.
The patent on which IBRIX Fusion is based, "Distributing Files Across Multiple, Permissibly Heterogeneous, Storage Devices" (No.
determine what civil servants can permissibly do, just as they determine
If balancing is a decision procedure, then unless it is just counting and noting that each stands to lose the same, then almost everyone who has ever had to choose between saving the few and saving the many has done something wrong because they have failed to deliberate permissibly.
Although Congress could permissibly create an Article I tribunal to adjudicate environmental citizen suits, there are poignant policy objections to its creation.
For example, limitations may be imposed by the basic human rights of outsiders or restrictions on the way in which such goods may permissibly be produced.
But if Alice acts permissibly in Genuine Attacker, how can her equally reasonable response in Indecisive Attacker fail to justify her self-defensive actions in that case?
In Mistretta, the Court found that Congress could permissibly authorize federal judges to exercise a form of rulemaking authority in the United States Sentencing Commission.
Even if we should put aside the interests of the father, negligible indeed in the many cases when he has abandoned the prospective mother but not in all, the legislature could permissibly consider the fetus itself to deserve protection.
These failures can generate prior moral claims that the community members have against their own authorities, and such claims may constrain the range of cooperative or collaborative relationships in which researchers may permissibly engage.
The holdings of an investor may permissibly exceed 10% under the poison
holding that the practical effect of the statute imposes a burden on the profits of out-of-state manufacturers and, thus, extends beyond the area that Maine could permissibly regulate).