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the property of something that can be pervaded by a liquid (as by osmosis or diffusion)

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We made cores of different permeabilities, that is 500 mD 1000 mD, and 2000 mD, which nearly cover the permeability range of the actual reservoir.
Table 3: Volumetric flow (F) and permeability (L) for the formulated paints and experimental ratio between permeabilities toward helium and argon Paint F x [10.
Inorganic fillers such as clay or silica have much lower permeabilities than organic materials, and so it has long been known that addition of such fillers lowers diffusion.
The advantage of using gas permeabilities to determine hydraulic conductivity is that in situ gas permeability measurements can be undertaken much more readily than corresponding water determinations, enabling more extensive surveys to be undertaken in the field.
g] are the brine and gas permeabilities, the parameters A, B, and C are dependent on effective stress, [[phi].
Higher permeabilities are usually associated with coarser sand.
Similarly, the average permeabilities of the 51- to 102-mm (2- to 4-in) samples and controls were 2,072 and 2,255 coulombs, respectively.
O'Meara will present: "Geo2Flow: Accurate Saturations, Permeabilities, Compartments, and Reserves", a demonstration of Geo2Flow's capabilities, at noon and 3:30 p.
1996, Comparison of measured and calculated permeabilities for hardened cement pastes.
The unit developed was able to quickly determine permeabilities as low as an equivalent air thickness of [S.
Furnish is only a factor in that different furnishes produce sheets of different permeabilities under the same fabrication processes.
The resulting oxygen permeabilities were determined using the analyzers.