permanent wave

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a series of waves in the hair made by applying heat and chemicals

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That's when it becomes clear that no one here has seen anything like Permanent Wave.
The conventional permanent wave lotions and curling agents cause hair to swell with alkalis for permeation, damaging hair substantially.
Rose, one of the original members of the Wallflower Order dance collective, and her partner, Marilyn Picariello of the rock band Permanent Wave, have been working on the reunion weekend for about a year now, she said.
They're possible with Wella's Perform, a gentle permanent wave that enhances the elasticity of your hair and conditions where your hair needs it most.
Maybe they know Amanda has been given a permanent wave.
How much does the most powerful man in Japan pay for that permanent wave? Only his barber knows for sure.
Basham is a stylist and colorist; April Feese specializes in permanent wave techniques and spa pedicures; Amy Nally is a make-up artist, skin care and nail tech; and Jennifer Yeakley specializes in skin care, body waxing and permanent make-up.
Burke's stories cover the discovery and effects of concepts and technologies ranging from postage stamps to the permanent wave; the steam engine to the phosphorus match; interchangeable machine parts to spectrometers; cost accounting to dynamite; barometers to railroads.
While the patient did not use hot rollers or curling irons, swim frequently in chlorinated pools, or have a permanent wave, she did blow-dry her shoulder-length tresses twice daily.
Everyone from Kylie and Madonna to Kevin Keegan has sported the look at one time or another, with the "permanent wave" adapting to suit changing fashion trends.
"WOW NOW: 30 Years Later" - Reunion and performances by Alito Alessi & Joint Forces Dance Co., David Winters, Mamalution, Paula Jo Vaden and Her Permanent Wave, Sally Sheklow, Wallflower Order and Willamette Valley Lesberadas, 8 p.m.
"Thus the flag which should have been flat had its own permanent wave."
But now that celebs have rediscovered their curling tongs, could the permanent wave be set for a renaissance?
Collectively marketed as the "fab five," the products in the line are: a mango shampoo, a permanent wave shampoo, a natural hairstyling gel, a shampoo for color-treated hair and a hair spray.
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