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Synonyms for perkiness

cheerfulness that bubbles to the surface


inappropriate playfulness

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Readers who are teachers may even recognize themselves amongst the herd of educators with odd names and hairstyles and afflictions such as ADHD and terminal perkiness.
I faintly remember the shock, followed by the golden glow of virtue and muscles startled into improved perkiness.
The spotlight-hogging female who connives to hide her ambition behind a mask of perkiness is much more irresistible as a villain than the established, successful, calculating male CEO.
Women may especially enjoy Douglas, fine exegesis of the key concept of perkiness, as exemplified by "Gidget" and "The Patty Duke Show" ("Here we had teenaged girls possessed by an almost virulent strain of perkiness").
Hint: the entrepreneur whose famous business had its home here was known for his perkiness.
All this is delivered in the tone of a man about to pop to the Co-op for a bag of sugar and some teabags, albeit with the characteristic Carl Davis perkiness.
Justin Robertson's remix goes back to the original's perkiness.
The perkiness was infectious and the band came out all guns blazing in the second half, which also featured a dreamy Razzle Dazzle and a pleasing duet between Mama and Velma.
We aren't all natural performers (having a face for radio and a voice for silent movies I know of what I speak) and although he's an amiable man's man, Thorn hasn't been blessed with Coleman's charm or Boothroyd's perkiness in front of a camera or a microphone.
From Oramo's accompanying web of meltingly Straussian lilt and "lift" orchestral soloists emerged to partner Daniel's seamlessly controlled playing, his shading of dynamic nuances speaking worlds of eloquence, his sparkling display in more extrovert passages almost Pan-like in its perkiness.
The former co-anchor of NBC's ``Today'' show is expected to jettison many aspects of the persona that won her a loyal viewership on the morning program -- and, yes, we're talking about that famous perkiness -- when she enters the world of straight news.
Bullock tempers her usual perkiness with an air of sadness and desperation while Reeves brings steeliness to his prodigal son.
She's no longer a bright-eyed ingenue, but you can't deny her perkiness nor R&B hued vocal dexterity - even if she was dressed like a Vegas sideshow hostess while delivering it.
The Koreans, in contrast, are perkiness itself and the pressures of playing in front of seething banks of home supporters doesn't appear to be weighing heavily.