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Synonyms for perky

Synonyms for perky

characterized by liveliness and lightheartedness

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So I wipe, I clean, I consolidate ketchup bottles and recheck the cheesecake supply, even tour the tables to make sure the customer evaluation forms are all standing perkily in their places--wondering all the time how many calories I burn in these strictly theatrical exercises.
When tap dancing comes to mind, the first thought is of dimpled Shirley Temple perkily rat-a-tatting with Bojangles Robinson.
Hamed sprung perkily up after a count of only three but had to stand for a mandatory eight from referee Benji Estaves.
It sounded like a method of torture, but the poster featured a sweaterless young woman perched perkily on a desk, legs swinging.
In his music clips, he wears a golden leotard scarf outfit and wraparound sunglasses as he perkily sways and sings his lyrics.
Vaughan Williams' Wasps Overture began with a flourish of crisply articulated strings progressing through perkily played folk themes for a wholly satisfying performance.
They started perkily with Varun Chopra and Will Porterfield adding a century stand, the former stroking ten fours in his first 50.
You don't understand such things," said my wife more perkily, as she sprang towards me with arms outstretched.
And despite Kira Sternbach turning in a neat performance as a perkily provocative teen, the dedicated cast can't quite make a good enough ease for the play.
My tuna dish arrived, the fillet perkily perched on layers of salad corralled by trails of sauce.
The slight, perkily attractive blonde girl from West Virginia was touched by fame when, early in the invasion of Iraq, she was ambushed, seriously wounded, and captured by the enemy.
he asked, almost perkily, as he jabbed the barrel of a sawn-off shotgun at the two men.
The post-'93 Biennials--while perkily good-looking ticket sellers--have generated a kind of cumulative "Eh?
Embarking on a journey that transcends spatial, temporal or cultural boundaries Eliza's tale perkily asserts: "You can be Maori anywhere in the world.
If we no longer need to commute to the office or travel to a clients' property to grab a file, view a floor-plate or hold a meeting; if there is no longer a need for a screen, tethered to a server, to be sitting perkily and permanently on our desks; if we are all carrying around the equivalent of a well-equipped office in our pockets; is there really a requirement for every single member of staff to be masters of their own personal workstation in an open-plan floor?