peritoneal inflammation

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inflammation of the peritoneum

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MRI also showed Crohn's disease with diffuse peritoneal inflammation (1), intussusception (1), bilateral adrenal hemorrhage (1), pyelonephritis (2), hydronephrosis (1), uterine fibroid degeneration (2), degeneration and torsion of a subserosal uterine fibroid (1), simple ovarian cysts (1), and ovarian torsion (1).
In cell culture, CGEN-54 strongly inhibited MCP-1-induced monocytes migration, whereas in-vivo, CGEN-54 was effective in reducing macrophage infiltration in a mouse model of peritoneal inflammation.
2] gas for laparoscopy reduced peritoneal inflammation as measured by C-reactive protein and interleukin-6 levels, compared with unmodified gas in a study of 52 patients.