peritoneal inflammation

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inflammation of the peritoneum

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44-46 Serum CA 125 levels are known to be elevated in peritoneal inflammation and in carcinomatozis4748 and a significant relationship between CA 125 and###
Laparoscopy on May 2, 2008, showed extensive peritoneal inflammation.
However, for this leakage to occur freely into the peritoneal cavity, the reactive peritoneal inflammation should not already have walled off the appendix, as frequently occurs efficiently and rapidly.
MRI also showed Crohn's disease with diffuse peritoneal inflammation (1), intussusception (1), bilateral adrenal hemorrhage (1), pyelonephritis (2), hydronephrosis (1), uterine fibroid degeneration (2), degeneration and torsion of a subserosal uterine fibroid (1), simple ovarian cysts (1), and ovarian torsion (1).