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placental mammals having hooves with an odd number of toes on each foot

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The perissodactyl fauna of the Dhok Pathan comprises rhinos, chalicotheres and hipparionines (Heissig, 1972; Iqbal et al.
Published cases of cuterebrosis in perissodactyls (donkeys, horses, zebras, etc.
It is too large to represent a peccary and probably represents some other artiodactyl or a perissodactyl.
These animals, along with horses, have hooves and belong to the order perissodactyl (purISS-uh-DAK-til).
Some examples of such forest-adapted faunas are Chalicotherium grande, a perissodactyl with longer forelimbs and a brachiodont dentition (Sanchez, 2000); cervids such as Euprox furcatus, a browser with preferences for arboreal vegetation (Soria et al.
The teeth of perissodactyls are perfect for what they eat.