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near the nose


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Age-associated deficits in pattern separation functions of the perirhinal cortex: A cross-species consensus.
Alors que le cortex perirhinal joue un role important dans l'encodage d'elements isoles, l'hippocampe joue un role fondamental pour relier entre elles des representations distinctes en memoire (Davachi, Mitchell & Wagner, 2003; Ranganath, Cohen, Dam & D'Esposito, 2004; Tubridy & Davachi, 2011).
BDNF expression in perirhinal cortex is associated with exercise-induced improvement in object recognition memory.
Functionally dissociating aspects of event memory: the effects of combined perirhinal and postperirhinal cortex lesions on object and place memory in the rat.
On the other hand, studies have associated the cholinergic input to the perirhinal cortex in object recognition memory (Abe et al.
For example, novel object recognition is mediated by the perirhinal cortex and can be designed such that hippocampal lesions have no effect on performance (DERE et al.
Another study has shown that transient NMDA receptor blockade whit AP5 in perirhinal cortex during encoding affected only long-term but not short-term object recognition memory (Winters and Bussey 2005).
AD and amnesia caused by brain injury are both thought to affect an area of the brain called the perirhinal cortex, a region that helps form memories based on detailed depictions of objects.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- A small area deep in the brain called the perirhinal cortex is critical for forming unconscious conceptual memories.
The effect of excitotoxic lesions centered in the hippocampus or perirhinal cortex in object recognition and spatial memory tasks.
Single-Unit Firing in Rat Perirhinal Cortex Caused by Fear Conditioning to Arbitrary and Ecological Stimuli.
entorhinal, insular, piriform, and perirhinal cortices) after administration of alcohol in a pattern reflective of binge drinking (i.
Memory and language impairments and their relationships to hippocampal and perirhinal cortex damage in patients with medial temporal lobe epilepsy.
In addition to the hippocampal formation, theta waves have been recorded from several other structures in the brain, including the subicular complex, entorhinal cortex, perirhinal cortex, cingulate cortex and amygdala (58).
A number of other brain structures may contribute to retrograde amnesia; these include the perirhinal cortex, medial forebrain, and diencephalon.