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near the nose


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The animal studies have shown that even a single day of binge drinking leads to neurodegeneration in the limbic cortex (associated with learning and spatial memory) including the olfactory bulb, piriform, entorhinal and perirhinal cortexes, and dentate gyrus of the hippocampus [41].
Howland, "AMPA receptor endocytosis in rat perirhinal cortex underlies retrieval of object memory," Learning & Memory, vol.
Age-associated deficits in pattern separation functions of the perirhinal cortex: A cross-species consensus.
Amaral, "Perirhinal and postrhinal cortices of the rats: a review of the neuroanatomical literature and comparison with findings from the monkey brain," Hippocampus, vol.
La propuesta de Tulving [4], no se especifico a nivel neuroanatomico, sin embargo, otros investigadores han argumentado, desde entonces, que la formacion de la memoria episodica y su recuperacion dependen del hipocampo, mientras que, en la formacion de nuevo conocimiento semantico esta implicada la corteza perirhinal y la region neocortical que proyecta hacia el hipocampo y es parte del sistema de memoria del LTM.
Alors que le cortex perirhinal joue un role important dans l'encodage d'elements isoles, l'hippocampe joue un role fondamental pour relier entre elles des representations distinctes en memoire (Davachi, Mitchell & Wagner, 2003; Ranganath, Cohen, Dam & D'Esposito, 2004; Tubridy & Davachi, 2011).
Moreover, recollection and familiarity seem to rest on different neuro-anatomic bases (hippocampus and perirhinal cortex, respectively; e.g.
[sup][20] Recognition memory encoding, consolidation, and retrieval have conventionally been considered to be hippocampus-independent processes, and they are associated with the neural activity of the perirhinal cortex.
An experimental test of the role of postsynaptic calcium levels in determining synaptic strength using perirhinal cortex of rat.
Aging-related changes in calcium-binding proteins in rat perirhinal cortex.
Reversible inactivation of amygdala and cerebellum but not perirhinal cortex impairs reactivated fear memories.
The significance of using fruit flies is that while their brain structure is much simpler with far fewer neurons, the mushroom body is analogous to the perirhinal cortex in humans, which serves the same function of sensory integration and learning.
Neither ''object-in-place'' or ''temporal order recognition'' memories could be formed if communication between the hippocampus and either the perirhinal cortex, or the medial prefrontal cortex, was broken.
During the operation, surgeons extracted two slivers of tissue, one from each side of the brain: the front half of the hippocampus along with nearby entorhinal, perirhinal, and parahippocampal cortices.
Recognition memory: what are the roles of the perirhinal cortex and hippocampus?