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Synonyms for periphrastic

using or containing an excessive number of words

Synonyms for periphrastic

roundabout and unnecessarily wordy

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Among these, the periphrastic verbal constructions in (1)-(5) stand out, due to greater complexity and greater contrast with the analogous facts in English.
They include the heavy occurrence of the second person singular pronoun forms, the imperative, the periphrastic DO, and binomials.
Zaghmout's writing style is direct and to the point, not periphrastic as an overwhelming quantity of contemporary Arabic novels are.
For the verb "see" there is no justification in scanning the past stem dir- as di-r- when the present stem is the totally unrelated form vin-; thus the periphrastic form di-rebu 'he had seen' could properly be scanned as dir-e=bu (< Pers.
It is considered to have first appeared in France in 1734, in Le Pour et le Contre, as se defaire (to commit suicide), competing with several periphrastic construction: meurtrer de soi-meme or s 'occir soimeme, se tuer soi-meme, while it had already been mentioned before, in 1642, in an English medical paper.
In particular, we can identify interlinguistic synonymy (we indicate just the Spanish term BILLETAJE, because in Romanian there is no equivalent term), or intralinguistic synonymy (BILLETAJE (17) and its periphrastic synonym EMISION DE BILLETES; in Romanian we use the English term TICKETING or the Romanian periphrastic synonym EMITERE DE BILETE), in a free variation use.
To cherry pick just a few examples, in 'Epic Extremities', which deals with the bookopenings and closures as a mix of prosaic and periphrastic poetic moments of the formulaic kind, there is an interesting comparison of the bald Lucius with the undignified and boorish Thersites in the Iliad.
Among the topics are the vernacular practice of naming the liturgical year, comparing the versions of the Old English Gospels in a semantic and syntactic study of periphrastic "model verb + infinitive" construction, metrical influences on constructions with complex predicates in Old English hypermetric verse, the pronoun it and the dating of Middle English texts, and changes in the clausal complement of the copulative perception verbs in American English.
Ironical periphrastic antonomasias expose native places, culinary preferences of the target, as for the Minister of Tourism, called in the press "princess of Plescoi sausages.
67-68) (69); periphrastic verb formation: [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] (22.
Although we have also seen that within one world of Four Quartets words are "the deception of the thrush" (17) and that they promise only "a periphrastic study in a worn-out poetical fashion," (18) the perspective offered in these sections articulates a different reality--one that speaks to the power of the artistic word to transform experience.
130) But this identification is not made only by mythographers: Ovid refers to Capaneus by a periphrastic patronymic as satus Hipponoo ('born from Hipponous').
The term 'adjektivische Periphrase' was coined by Bjorck (1940) specifically to distinguish this type of 'adjectival' construction from 'truly' periphrastic constructions, inter alia progressive periphrases of the type illustrated in (1), after which Bjorck named his work.
Only after this periphrastic introduction does the poet mention the Sultan Muhammad b.