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Synonyms for peripheral

Synonyms for peripheral

on or near an edge or constituting an outer boundary


related to the key issue but not of central importance

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Configurations of Postcoloniality and National Identity: In-between Peripherality and Narratives of Change.
The existence of the extrasyllabic <r> between the foot da and the right edge of the word deprives the rightmost foot of peripherality, and thus prevents it from being deemed extrametrical.
2001: Peripherality and integration: The experience of Greece as a member of the EU and its implications for the Balkan economies in Transition.
This peripherality has educational consequences in the sense that educational purposes and policy relating to rural areas tend to address the kind of peripherality a particular geography contains.
2008) "ICT (information communication technology), peripherality and smaller hospitality businesses in Scotland".
Schor's concern is with the gendered nature of the particular (the "subordinate detail," she writes, is repeatedly "singled out as distinctively feminine" in art and literature), but her point is useful for thinking about the mechanisms used to stigmatize cultural peripherality as well: "outdated" forms of writing are often accused of the inappropriate use of detail.
Zeinab Uburty" and "Layali al-misk" are set in an idealized, almost mythic, environment prior to the dam's construction, illustrating the life, customs, and myths of Old Nubia in vivid detail and counteracting the liminality and peripherality of Nubia in the Egyptian imagination, by recasting it as the center of a complete Nubian "Nile World.
But the rationale for this more integrated endogenous approach has been essentially about the peripherality of rural areas.
The recognition of difference and, more rarely, of the ways in which difference, peripherality, and subalternity is produced within global systems of power are powerful gestures in these films.
Los trabajos de investigacion en la region europea han operativizado muchos de los debates y reflexiones teoricas sobre gobernanza y redes empresariales, en grandes apuestas investigativas, como la perteneciente al V Programa Marco de Investigacion de la Union Europea: Aspatial Peripherality, Innovation and the Rural Economy (Aspire).
In the coming decades Shokeid found new research settings across the ocean: throughout the 1980s he worked with Israeli immigrants in New York City, documenting their attempts to cope with their peripherality and stigmatic identity (as yordim, "deserters" of the Zionist idea); and in the 1990s he shifted his gaze to Jewish homosexuals in New York City who sought to articulate their religious identity and spiritual wishes through a synagogue of their own.
The issue of regional peripherality, in turn, linked up to larger questions about citizenship and development across the country.
Our research specifically focuses on the concept of peripherality, which is concerned with the effect of distance from the economic core.
Peripherality is more than merely a geographical notion.
Yet the word also conveys a sense of peripherality, a starting-point (in itself, suggesting a particular position--at an edge or a boundary, at the outside--in relation to other, subsequent positions), and a possible sense of minor importance (even a quality of irrelevance, perhaps) or of being outside and separate in the context and structure of the completed process.