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Synonyms for peripheral

Synonyms for peripheral

on or near an edge or constituting an outer boundary


related to the key issue but not of central importance

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The Peripherality, Tourism and Competitiveness Mix: Contradictory or Confirmed?
Again we are presented with, as it were, an "evaporative" model of the Gothic: when you look closely at the texts, but even more at the cultural environment, the notion of a unified set of attributes or features that one might fairly call Gothic vanishes before one's eyes, and one is left instead with a set of texts mutually defined by their peripherality, their eccentricities, by their non-adherence to a fantasized "central" model.
Galloway repeatedly makes these connections and extends the sense of peripherality to the level of gender as well.
Besides gender and genre, Flueckiger examines caste, age group, individual creativity, modernization, regional identity, and centrality and peripherality as keys to understanding the repertoire she presents.
Also discussed are the often forgotten Muslim Arakanese of Burma, classified here as a classic case of peripherality, as well as the failure of the Malay Muslims of Patani to attain separation from Thailand.
Effects of job peripherality and personal characteristics on the job satisfaction of part-time workers.
Miasma (noxious exhalation or flow), however, suggests peripherality without entirely abandoning linear causality, as in "flow against flow" (213).
Such churches embody a permanent situation of forced peripherality, attesting to life acquainted with disequilibrium and asymmetry, believing in a God of sorrows and acquainted with grief.
They appear to have switched places, almost, except that Labov has drawn the peripherality boundary in such a way as to guarantee that /aeh/ is on the [+PERIPH] track and /e/ is on the [-PERIPH] track.
In attempting to answer this, we assess how peripherality interacts with other determinants of Northern Ireland's competitive position.
Her peripherality does not relate to her lack of intelligence (the prototypical peripheral narrator being inferior to the grand man whose life he writes, a strategy that surfaces ironically even in "Bartleby the Scrivener") but$to her common sense and "normality" (representing the moral standards of the audience).
The evidence reveals the increasing peripherality of the Quinte region vis-a-vis the urban-centered regions of Toronto, Hamilton and London.
And it had all been organised by an Irishman, Bob Geldof, and helped to reverse the feeling of Irish peripherality.
Something out there", with all its resonances of peripherality and externality, is the obverse formulation of the "laager", a metaphor which functions powerfully in and on the consciousness of most white South Africans and makes felt its resonances of self-protection and internality.