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Synonyms for peripheral

Synonyms for peripheral

on or near an edge or constituting an outer boundary


related to the key issue but not of central importance

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Another key phenomenon that McKenzie observed and developed was the concept of peripheralisation and centralisation of pain in response to repeated movements to the affected spinal area.
While neither of these authors is reductively economistic, discussing both racialist and security rationales, the emphasis in both studies remains on the formation of an agrarian proletariat and the coerced peripheralisation of the absolute surplus population.
The democratisation of South Africa in 1994 had far-reaching language-political consequences for the country: on the one hand eleven languages (including nine Bantu languages) were recognised as national official languages with the commitment to promote these languages; on the other hand, global and local economic, educational and social forces led to the dominance of English in the public sphere, the marginalisation of Afrikaans as a public language, and the continued peripheralisation of the Bantu languages as public languages, leaving them in effect in the same position as they were under the previous regime.
26) This peripheralisation of office development may have contributed to an increased NVR in two ways.
Current processes of deregulation, globalisation and restructuring will lead to a further peripheralisation of the semi-periphery, inevitably worsening the situation of those countries.