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Synonyms for zone

Synonyms for zone

Synonyms for zone

a locally circumscribed place characterized by some distinctive features

any of the regions of the surface of the Earth loosely divided according to latitude or longitude

an area or region distinguished from adjacent parts by a distinctive feature or characteristic

regulate housing in

separate or apportion into sections

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This coherence in the defense of its conservation and the prior agreement existing in the territory has motivated, precisely, that the joint proposal includes all the municipal terms involved, whether they contribute territory to the national park or only to the peripheral zone of the protection, are included in the Area of ?
The classical MR appearance of prostate cancer is a round or ill defined, low signal intensity focus (hypo-intense) in the background of bright peripheral zone tissue.
Calcium carbonate, the main inorganic component of otoconia, is present more intensely in the peripheral zone (1).
In the reported case, mpMRI showed an extensive PA with neuroendocrine differentiation, with similar signal intensity to that of PA on morphologic T2WI, DWI, and DCE imaging; the lesion involved the peripheral zone of the prostate and infiltrated adjacent anatomical structures.
The purpose of this study, therefore, was to test the PI-RADS scoring system for T2WI and DWI of the peripheral zone.
0x10-3mm2/s, proved "considerably more accurate than PSA alone and offers promise as a tool for not only screening of peripheral zone prostate cancer but potentially also for characterizing its aggressiveness," their findings noted.
Even in retrospect the findings were indistinguishable from locally advanced prostate cancer with low intensity, irregular signal in the peripheral zone on T2, severe restriction on DWI, and rapid contrast uptake and washout on DCE.
To accumulate such high levels of zinc, prostate peripheral zone cells are endowed with a specialized zinc transporter protein called ZIP1.
Furthermore, AAH is more commonly identified in the TZ than in the peripheral zone (PZ), whereas PIN is more 7,8,9,10,11 prevalent in the PZ .
Despite struggling economies in the EU peripheral zone, AIM still posted aggregate revenues of NT$5.
Unexpected positive news from the euro peripheral zone could spur the Eurostoxx 50 to outperform the DAX," he added.
The ECB's head of market operations, Francesco Papadia, has said that banks in peripheral zone countries under the euro zone are still dependent on the central bank for liquidity.
Highly frequent but late-recalled words form the high peripheral zone --high frequency and rank--and those that come around less often and also late constitute the low peripheral zone, which is more subject to variation.
Most of these organisms contained a peripheral zone of loosely arranged electron dense material that was located immediately beneath a trilaminar membrane.
The protected area covers some 685 sq km, consisting of a central uninhabited zone comprising seven valleys - Roya, Bevera, Vesubie, Tinee, Haut Var/Cians, Verdon and Ubaye and a peripheral zone comprising 28 villages.