peripheral vision

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vision at the edges of the visual field using only the periphery of the retina

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Visual field test, which measures the peripheral vision of the person's eyes.
Ella said her lack to keep c of peripheral vision is challenging, similar to a horse wearing blinkers.
You will also have enhanced peripheral vision because it's designed for wrap around frames with UV and blue light protection, and with extra protection materials.
02 OxSight Prism glasses are designed to help people with peripheral vision loss such as glaucoma, retinitis pigmentosa and homonymous hemianopia.
London [United Kingdom], June 2 ( ANI ): Fearful facial expressions are perceived well in peripheral vision, a recent research suggests.
Another symptom is the loss of peripheral vision, leaving only a central narrow field of vision often called "tunnel vision".
All of the treatments may save existing vision, but they cannot restore or improve central or peripheral vision already lost.
The mask offers a unique low-volume, matte-silicone design, bringing the mask lenses closer to your eyes for increased peripheral vision and better fit.
uvex says the sportstyle, with its lightweight dynamic design, offers excellent wide, distortion-free, peripheral vision to wearers.
Surgeon Paulo Stanga said: "Ray had to do everything with his peripheral vision, it's very tiring, it is exhausting, What we are hoping to achieve is to improve Ray's central vision so he does not have to work so hard with his peripheral vision."
The retired engineer, who has peripheral vision, is also believed to be the first human to have the use of combined natural and artifi-cial sight.
The patient was a 64 years old man with significant glaucoma damage and legal blindness because of the near total loss of peripheral vision. His central vision pretreatment was 20/70 in both eyes but for the patient it was like looking through a keyhole- simply a tiny window of vision which was very hard to focus on specific objects.
The eyewear's large uni-lens design offers a wide field of unobstructed peripheral vision, while its soft foam sub-frame ensures a comfortable, gap-free fit.
It is designed for users to keep both eyes open during use, which allows the shooter to maintain peripheral vision and depth perception.
These include peripheral vision, choice reaction time and dynamic vision.
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