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a sudden and unexpected change of fortune or reverse of circumstances (especially in a literary work)

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Indeed, examining General Douglas MacArthur's leadership during the Korean War and France's inglorious surrender at Dien Bien Phu, Horne writes a fitting recapitulation and coda for the theme of hubris and peripeteia.
Dichas variaciones se pueden agrupar en torno a tres cuestiones: El papel desempenado por la peripeteia, la situacion que acontece tras la disolucion de la unidad tragedia-drama satirico--introducida unos parrafos mas arriba--y la aparicion del 'pro-logos' como elemento diferencial.
Swayed by the crowd and their expectations, Arbaces succumbs to their demands, and stumbles into a display of hubris that, even as it paints Tigranes as a tragic hero overthrown by nemesis, equally marks Arbaces himself as a tragic figure inviting his own peripeteia.
Las abundantes peripeteia, incidentes o peripecias de la accion, de las que habla Aristoteles, solo tienen sentido en funcion del desenlace.
An exemplarily bad Aristotelian, he undergoes no reversal, or peripeteia, nor does he experience any recognition, or anagnorisis, the two key conceptual components of tragic experience for Aristotle.
It is Louisa, one of the loudest characters, who most craves "sensation," and this craving leads to the peripeteia in which Wentworth's parable of the nut is realized as a rather tasteless joke.
Truffaut also connects this moral reproach to a particular form of storytelling Huston is charged with overindulging: Aristotle's peripeteia, a reversal of fate that does not follow the logical, mutual development of character and action, but that is imposed arbitrarily on the story.
Historically, the first mention of moral compensation in drama can be traced to Aristotle in his Poetics while discussing peripeteia (also known as sudden reversal of fortune) as he noted the type of character and circumstance that can necessitate fear and pity to suggest that not all actions or characters can qualify for tragedy since tragedy is an imitation of action not a character, and further clarifying that:
En este caso, se trata de una peripeteia (peripeteia = "inversion").
The account includes mistaken identity, cross-dressing, a number of peripeteia, sexual exploits, dishonesty, and penetrating visual analysis.
an ascending action builds tension, rising to a climactic point, which consists often of a recognition or other incident bringing about a peripeteia, or reversal of action, and which is followed by a denouement .
is, as in the tragic universe, susceptible to the peripeteia resulting
Consider the peripeteia of the gods and the men of Ancient Greece, which a blind poet recited 3,000 years ago and which still dazzles us today.
Whereas the tragedies show how characters lose themselves because they abandon community in the wake of transgression, the so-called romances indefinitely suspend peripeteia through the purposeful and assertive restoration of society and personal relationships.