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any of numerous velvety-skinned wormlike carnivorous animals common in tropical forests having characteristics of both arthropods and annelid worms

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The species falls in the Peripatus Caribean group (Fuhrmann, 1912), meaning that it has three foot papillae (two anterior and one posterior).
Peripatus biolleyi, Onychophore nouveau de Costa Rica.
The distribution of dorsal papillae in the new species does not fit the old definition of Peripatus and Epiperipatus made by Peck (1975), but the type is similar to Epiperipatus (all of one type, Peck 1975).
1) is different from all confirmed and unconfirmed species of Peripatus (as detailed by Read 1988a, b); and it is also different from the other Costa Rican onychophorans (Morera-Brenes & Leon 1986).
Both males and females of the new species have more oncopods than other Neotropical Peripatus (sensu stricto) and other Costa Rican onychophorans (Epiperipatus and Macroperipatus).
Geographic distribution: These are the species of Peripatus that have been corroborated with SEM: P.
The unconfirmed continental species of Peripatus (P.
We must note, however, that maybe Peripatus is not a monophyletic genus.
Characterisation of the slime gland secretion from the peripatus, Euperipatus kanangrensis (Onychophora: Peripatopsidae).
Contribution a la biologie de Peripatus acaioi Marcus and Marcus (Onychophore).
We analyzed the ultrastructure of the neurons and their synapses in the cephalic ganglion of a poorly known invertebrate, the velvet worm Peripatus sedgwicki, from the mountainous region of El Valle, Merida, Venezuela.
Key words: Onychophora, synapses, Peripatus, ultrastructure, cephalic ganglia, evolution.
As part of this study, we analyzed the ultrastructure of the nervous system of a poorly known invertebrate, Peripatus sedgwicki (phylum Onychophora).
Seminal receptacula in gravid and virgin female Peripatus (Macroperipatus) acacioi Marcus and Marcus (Onychophora: Peripatidae).