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Synonyms for peripatetic

Synonyms for peripatetic

leading the life of a person without a fixed domicile; moving from place to place

Words related to peripatetic

a person who walks from place to place

a follower of Aristotle or an adherent of Aristotelianism

of or relating to Aristotle or his philosophy

traveling especially on foot


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In fact, the family has spent years cobbling together a peripatetic education for Teddy because no single school can provide for all of his needs.
His flitting from project to project and medium to medium--as well as city to city; in his brief career he lived and worked in Chicago, New York, and Los Angeles--was not evidence of aesthetic inconstancy but a reco rd of his peripatetic, febrile intellect.
It happened to me on a columnist's peripatetic itinerary while the Dodgers generally were doing well.
And MACBA will show the work of Dieter Roth (1930-98), the peripatetic German who used every medium imaginable to make art out of the quotidian--as anyone knows who saw his swan song, 128 video screens worth of passing time at the last Venice Biennale (Apr.
Ruth is probably the least well-drawn, most peripatetic character of the bunch - what can you say about a widower who comes on sexually to a surly florist in one episode, then gets mixed up with a clearly dubious self-help enclave in another?
5 AD MAGIC This peripatetic character who appears in a few of Thom Jones's short stories seems like the perfect traveling companion.
Lisa is mentally peripatetic, yet beneath her scattered exterior and Valley Girl-speak, there's a caginess and, perhaps, genuine talent (though Margulies' offerings of her work are perfectly constructed, grasping, affected and even pretentious, with the occasionally inspired turn of phrase).
Clemente's peripatetic lifestyle is perfectly sincere.
The peripatetic culinary star who manned stoves at Checkers, Olive, Xiomara, Trocadero and Luna Park before opening his own Gadsby's (sold and renamed One) has now surfaced as the chef of Table One, the spectacular view restaurant (currently Toppers) that will be unveiled the first week of November at the recently refurbished Radisson Huntley Hotel, 1111 Second St.
Even a cursory study of the former couple's resume is enough to make the current generation of peripatetic curators blush: in the course of a decade, from March 1984 to May 1993, a mind-boggling forty-four exhibitions, virtually all accompanied by catalogues, or at least a co-authored text.
Sunday on KCET (Channel 28), begins with a peripatetic excursion through the works of William Shakespeare (who, obviously, began his career before the 20th century) and the various ways theaters have kept his work vibrant - or is it the other way around?
I travel a great deal, but I think a curator today has to be peripatetic in terms of sensibility as well.
In a most peripatetic episode that begins, apropos of nothing, with a ``Twilight Zone'' parody and a touristy trip to the edge of the universe, Fry decides to date a Liu-bot, despite being shown a hilarious ``Reefer Madness''-type piece of propaganda on the evils of humans dating buckets of bolts, ``I Dated a Robot.
The thirty-three-year-old performer/artist claude wampler boasts a resume that reads like something out of one of those David Lodge novels about trendy, internationally peripatetic intellectuals: domestic studies in theater, dance, and opera; immersion in butoh in Tokyo; shows at places with such edgy-cutesy names as SlimFit and Fourth World A.
The first two songs, ``Wave'' and ``Rosalie,'' consciously address the dislocations felt and created by the songwriter's peripatetic Mexican father, but they also speak for a son who, at 50, still wrestles with the same traits.