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Synonyms for peripatetic

Synonyms for peripatetic

leading the life of a person without a fixed domicile; moving from place to place

Words related to peripatetic

a person who walks from place to place

a follower of Aristotle or an adherent of Aristotelianism

of or relating to Aristotle or his philosophy

traveling especially on foot


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Although I do not see that Inwood necessarily presents an argument in favor of neo-Aristotelian naturalism as a resource for contemporary ethical theorizing, I think he does believe that the most interesting material in the ancient neo-Aristotelian Peripatetic tradition takes place amid the debates between them and Epicureans and Stoics on the relationship between nature and ethics.
It will also provide a hospice-at-home peripatetic service.
Which pupil of Plato founded the Peripatetic School at Athens?
As part of the savings, council officials have decided not to replace a peripatetic harp teacher who resigned.
MISS Jameson, a peripatetic music teacher, is helping eight children at Croft Primary School aged seven to ten, to learn the violin.
She also considers ecological implications of the presence of some of the more frequent insect visitors to a human or non-human corpse, and includes information from a range of countries for future peripatetic practitioners.
A close study of characters in Aristo's writings, natural philosophy and peripatetic biology in Aristo's era, and much more, ideal for college libraries and advanced practitioners of philosophy.
Students of romanticism, revolution, and democracy have been presented a valuable tool in this overdue scholarly edition of John Thelwall's The Peripatetic. In terms of biography alone Thelwall is by any standard one of the most fascinating personages in political-literary history.
Among the visitors from abroad, modern dance troupes from Mexico, Japan, and the Ivory Coast, as well as a couple of Canada's less peripatetic ballet companies, will crisscross the map.
The peripatetic pair may have become infected while visiting a seaside settlement or campsite.
Keywords: Ibn Sina-al-Biruni correspondence; Peripatetic natural philosophy; Islamic scientific tradition; history of physics; criticism of Aristotelian physics; natural elements; schools of thought in Islamic scientific tradition.
This history of the "peripatetic coffin" reads as easily as a novel, containing as it does dramatic accounts of accidents, warfare, bravery, invention, and politics.
The peripatetic National Hunt meeting (now the Cheltenham Festival) was held at Lincoln that year and included only three races we would recognise - the four-mile National Hunt Chase, the Brocklesby Stakes and Lincoln Handicap.
He quotes Stevenson whenever possible because his underlying aim is to show that the author's prose is as interesting to students of literature as his peripatetic life has been to biographers.
I was pleased to travel to UCLA to participate in the State and Local Tax Course, teaching a session with Tax Counsel Greg Matson on tax ethics, and trying to keep up with the peripatetic, ever-enthusiastic Barb Barton, who effectively presided over the course (and its moot court session) in her role as chair of the State and Local Tax Committee.