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a dense fibrous membrane covering the surface of bones (except at their extremities) and serving as an attachment for tendons and muscles

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A cephalohematoma is blood collection under the periosteum of a given cranial bone and, due to this anatomic location, is confined by the cranial sutures.
The number of osteoblasts in endosteum and in periosteum of diaphysis in one field of histological preparation was decreased by 29.
Under x-ray control, the surgeons inject six to eight milliliters of the concentrated fluid into the centre of the periosteum tube.
1,14) He attempted to solve the problem of soft tissue resistance with excessive dissection of the fascia, periosteum, and interosseous membrane.
The earlier exfoliated periosteum was sutured by the loose closure under the blood clot with antibiotic which filled the residual cavity.
After injecting the wheals it is important to inject through the now anesthetized wheals down to the periosteum and inject north, south, east, and west under the points.
B) The periosteum of the lingual alveolar arch is supplied by GPA.
The jejunal segment is transferred into this pouch vaginally, and the proximal end closed with sutures and anchored to the retropubic periosteum.
The tumour was excised with a wide margin, including the underlying vastus intermedius but leaving the periosteum of the femur intact and the patient received postoperative radiotherapy.
Wall suggest that the currently recommended needle lengths increase risk of overpenetration and striking of bone and periosteum (Pediatrics 2008;122:e556-63).
Ruta is useful where surgery has affected the periosteum, cartilage or tendons leading to damage in these areas, pain or delayed recovery.
Granted, a larger volume of solution is necessary in the axilla if the block is expected to cover the radial side of the distal forearm, where the lateral cutaneous nerve of the forearm supplies skin, subcutaneous tissue and periosteum.
to stimulate the periosteum to send in new blood vessels.
Due to a unique anatomical situation, the base of the nail in the cuticle region is directly attached to the covering of the bone, the periosteum.
The Australian's winners included Nippon (Ascot Derby), Donna Branca (Coronation Stakes), Periosteum (Gold Cup) and Craig an Eran (St James's Palace Stakes).