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a dense fibrous membrane covering the surface of bones (except at their extremities) and serving as an attachment for tendons and muscles

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The researchers discovered that the prepared lower leg bone had hundreds of capillaries along its entire length that connected the bone marrow directly with the external periosteum. Investigations of the blood flow of a living organism later on showed that most of the arterial and venous blood flows through these capillaries and not through the small number of larger blood vessels that have been known to science for a long time.
suggested that low-to-intermediate-grade MECs originating from intraoral minor salivary glands can be managed by wide local surgical excision that ensures tumor-free surgical margins.[13] If there is no evidence of bony involvement, the tumor should be dissected down to the periosteum. If there is any evidence of periosteal involvement or bone erosion, removal of the involving bone is indicated.
They found the average healing time when the matrix was applied to exposed bone, periosteum, or perichondrium was 13.8 weeks, compared with 10.8 weeks for subcutaneous wounds.
Other absorbable sutures (vicryl 2/0) are placed between the periosteal flaps aiming at almost total coverage of the device and the electrode by periosteum (Figure 6).
[6,7] The torn periosteum volarly allows the fracture bleeding to dissect into the volar forearm compartments and carpal tunnel.
Placement of the implant on the periosteum and continuation of blood flow of the mandibula through the periosteum will result in less mandibular resorption.
The graft was then placed to cover the recession defect, at the level of the CEJ, and stabilized using resorbable sutures (Monocryl[R] 5-0, Ethicon, Inc., Johnson & Johnson, Piscataway, NJ, USA) anchored to the periosteum (Figure 4).
Clinical research has demonstrated positive results when cells derived from the periosteum were applied for sinus or alveolar ridge augmentation, which showed reliable implant insertion, with improved bone remodeling and lamellar bone production, and also demonstrated that shorter postoperative waiting time was needed after implantation.
The periosteum, which was found intact anteriorly, was incised over the medial clavicle.
In this report, we present the cases of two patients with typical cartilaginous masses on the bony EAC, in which the surgical findings showed that the masses were not in contact with the underlying periosteum of the bony EAC, indicating that CC is an appropriate diagnosis for these types of lesions.
GPP, when first introduced by Skoog, needed more undermining of the alveolar periosteum as the cleft segments are widely apart (10).
Specific operations relevant to successive removal of skin, subcutaneous tissue and galea aponeurotica, as well as exposure of periosteum were performed according to a previously reported investigation (10).
as soon as its source of vitality is cut off by the destruction of the membrane, the progress of gangrene is arrested, and the root becomes exposed to that gradual destruction only, which is effected, on the one hand, by the action of the absorbents of the alveolar periosteum, in contact with it; and on the other, by the agency of heat and moisture externally.
Nevertheless, it can be difficult to excise posteriorly located lesions completely down to the periosteum, which is a risk factor for recurrence.
Using ART, the interference field was identified in the sacral area and injected with 2 cc of procaine subcutaneously and into the periosteum. The patient had an immediate response, experiencing profound regression lasting for over 30 minutes.