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Synonyms for periodontitis

a disease that attacks the gum and bone and around the teeth

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Clinical and biochemical evaluation of lozenges containing Lactobacillus reuteri as an adjunct to non-surgical periodontal therapy in chronic periodontitis.
These bacterial substances lead to periodontitis, since they are a primary cause of gum inflammation.
Reducing the chances of developing periodontitis also could reduce reliance on antibiotics, which often are used to eliminate infection from the condition that can lead to the destruction of gum tissue that protects the teeth.
In the study entitled, "Alcohol Consumption and Periodontitis: Quantification of Periodontal Pathogens and Cytokines," researchers assessed a sample of 542 regular alcohol users, occasional drinkers, and non-drinkers both with and without periodontitis.
It also reviews key players involved in the therapeutic development for Periodontitis and special features on late-stage and discontinued projects.
In the in vivo model, 12 male rats were randomised into three groups; a control group, a group with periodontitis, and a group with periodontitis treated with berberine at a dose of 75mg/kg/day.
gingivalis antibody levels, including 36 healthy control patients and 117 severe periodontitis patients without systemic disease.
The last stage of periodontitis is one of the most common causes of tooth loss.
Investigators showed in an animal model of periodontitis that the drug Oxantel inhibits this growth by interfering with an enzyme that bacteria require for biofilm formation, says corresponding author Eric Reynolds, of the University of Melbourne, Australia.
Variants of those genes potentially could increase or decrease people's risk of developing periodontitis, depending on how these genes interact with one another and their environment.
Epidemiological studies in children have indicated that the prevalence of gingivitis is similar to that of the adults and ranges from 40-60%, while periodontitis is relatively uncommon and ranges from 0.
This study examined the effects of topical application of poly(P) on gingival connective tissue and its remodeling in a rat periodontitis model.
DHA, an omega-3 fat found largely in fish oil, may lower the risk of periodontitis, a chronic inflammation of the gums that can lead to bone and tooth loss,
Chronic periodontitis has been linked to multiple members of the domain Bacteria [2].
A diet rich in whole grains also lowers the likelihood of developing periodontitis or gum disease.