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a dentist specializing in diseases of the gums and other structure surrounding the teeth

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The Emirati consultant periodontist and implantologist at Dubai Health Authority (DHA) has become one of DHA's strongest and sportiest women, having completed and won a number of sports competitions.
Case selection and treatment planning is to be done by a team of Orthodontist and the Periodontist. The overall treatment plan is determined by the orthodontist.
"Those who suspect they have gum disease should schedule an appointment with a local periodontist," Dr.
Periodontist and implant specialist Wayne Aldredge says implant dentistry requires additional training.
John W Starr Jr., a Columbus periodontist, to replace McCullough, who as nominated in February but was not to take the position till May 8.
The best way to prevent or treat gum disease is by brushing twice a day, water flossing daily, and seeing your dentist or periodontist every six months.
Characteristics of patients referred from the general dentist to the periodontist also changed from patients with moderate and severe periodontitis to patients with severe periodontitis and fewer teeth.
"Periodontal disease can be linked to a lot of systemic diseases, while having major effects on the health of the supporting structures of your teeth," says Sasha Ross, DMD, a Cleveland Clinic periodontist. "It's a condition that definitely requires attention and treatment."
Newhouse, DDS, MS, President of the P and a practicing periodontist in Independence, Missouri, said.
This could easily be achieved by identifying a dentist and/or periodontist who can be part of the referral network within the medical practice.
Periodontitis requires professional treatment by a dentist or periodontist.
A SHORT, true STORY: Not very long ago I was sitting in my periodontist's chair, steeling my nerves for what was to come and having a discussion with my periodontist about young people and their low awareness of history.
If one has thin gum tissue or recession, a periodontist [gum specialist] is a vitally important part of the treatment."
So here are 10 top tips to get maximum benefit from your specialist referral: Be prepared Try to anticipate what might happen - if you're referred to a periodontist as a result of advanced gum disease then it's likely that you'll be asked about your oral hygiene routine.