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a dentist specializing in diseases of the gums and other structure surrounding the teeth

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In addition to CDS, he is a member of the American Dental Association, Illinois State Dental Society, American Academy of Periodontology, Illinois Society of Periodontists, Midwest Society of Periodontology, The Odontographic Society of Chicago, and is a Fellow of both the International College of Dentists and the American College of Dentists.
Matthew Hickin, Periodontist, Great Hill Boston, Chelmsford, Peabody & Somerville
Those who suspect they have gum disease should schedule an appointment with a local periodontist," Dr.
Periodontist and implant specialist Wayne Aldredge says implant dentistry requires additional training.
The trial had many design strengths including random group assignment of patients, blinding of treatment provided to the periodontist performing all pre- and post-assessments, performance of all NSPT by 1 periodontist, and provision of all surgical procedures by 2 periodontists who were supervised by the same periodontist-observer.
Periodontist, Private Practice, Bellville, Cape Town
There is definitely a link between dental health and heart health," says Cleveland Clinic periodontist Rex Raper, DDS.
A SHORT, true STORY: Not very long ago I was sitting in my periodontist's chair, steeling my nerves for what was to come and having a discussion with my periodontist about young people and their low awareness of history.
So here are 10 top tips to get maximum benefit from your specialist referral: Be prepared Try to anticipate what might happen - if you're referred to a periodontist as a result of advanced gum disease then it's likely that you'll be asked about your oral hygiene routine.
If the body does reject the tooth, athletes should talk to their periodontist about dental implants, a permanent tooth replacement option that is as close to real teeth as one can get.
After X-rays and careful measurements and evaluations of gum health and underlying bone structure, an oral surgeon or periodontist implants a titanium screw anchor into the bone.
The other big advantage is that it degrades by itself and you don't have to go back to the periodontist to remove it, which saves time, money and bother," said Steinberg.
A referral to a periodontist in your area and free brochure samples, including one titled "Ask Your Periodontist About Periodontal Disease & Heart Disease," are available by calling 800-FLOSS-EM or visiting www.
Rethman, president of the American Academy of Periodontology, adds, "These findings mean that when patients visit their medical doctors for a routine check-up and annual blood work, they may also be referred to a periodontist for a periodontal screening if their blood indicates systemic abnormalities.