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of or relating to or involving or practicing periodontics


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Unpublished data suggests Nd:YAG laser periodontal therapy is capable of reducing putative periodontal pathogens below detectable levels immediately following therapy.
Periodontal therapy may reduce the risk of preterm low birth weight in women with periodontal disease: A randomized controlled trial.
Initial periodontal therapy with scaling and root planing using the hand and ultrasonic instrumentation followed by a gingivectomy procedure was planned to improve esthetics and function.
Effect of periodontal therapy on type 2 diabetes mellitus patients with chronic periodontitis with the evaluation of HbA1c.
Also, few studies have investigated the potential association of carrying a gene variant with the clinical response to periodontal therapy.
Based on the Commission on Dental Accreditation (CODA) Dental Hygiene Standards, dental hygiene programs would be expected to teach content on the theory for periodontal therapy that is current and evidence-based which would include ultrasonic instrumentation.
26 In the local study of Pakistan, the level of IL-6 had been found to be significantly raised in cardiac patients with mild periodontitis, also the same positive linkage of IL-6 was observed in the study population of Brazil, with refractory arterial hypertensive patients having severe chronic periodontitis;27 as the study revealed that level of marker reduces after periodontal therapy.
Several different types of lasers have been proposed as alternatives or adjuncts to conventional surgical periodontal therapy, Nd:YAG [7, 8], Er:YAG [9-11], Er,Cr:YSGG [12], and diode lasers [13], and have shown effective use in regeneration or at least some radiographic evidence of bone fill.
Collagen has been used in periodontal therapy as vehicles for local drug delivery systems & also for guided tissue regeneration.
The exclusion criterions included systemic diseases, smoking, periodontal therapy within the previous year, antibiotics intake within the previous 3 months, and pregnancy.
As previously described, the NHI policy tends to result in more periodontal-compromised molars receiving advanced periodontal therapy in a hospital, rather than in a private practice.
Blayden, a dental hygienist who speaks and conducts hygiene soft tissue diode certification courses, and Mott, a clinical hygienist who teaches in-office laser certification courses, explain laser use in periodontal therapy for dental hygienists.
3 Though there are no definite etiological factors, but diabetes, inhaled long-term steroids, trauma, restorative dentistry, periodontal therapy, hereditary predisposition, found to have variable degree of association, without any hematological or immune-pathological disorders in background.
Most of them were cross sectional studies and total 7 clinical trials were identified regarding checking of serum levels after periodontal therapy with variable results.
The treatment plan consisted of an individualised oral health preventive program followed by periodontal therapy and restorative dental treatment.
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