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Synonyms for periodically

Synonyms for periodically

in a sporadic manner


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Also on Tuesday between 9am and 4:30pm on the Limassol -- Nicosia highway, from the Moni exit until the Pentakomo exit, maintenance works will be carried out, with one lane spanning 200m closed periodically.
com/my-password-secure-nist-advises-against-periodically-changing-passwords-2541293) changed its recommendation for periodically changing passwords as a way to increase security.
Users can back test and optimise these across the portfolio, then operate them periodically or in real time.
For years, the Iranian military has periodically fired shells across the border at suspected sanctuaries of the Party for Free Life In Kurdistan (PEJAK), an Iranian rebel band that is based in the mountains of northern Iraq and forays across the border into Iran periodically.
The glacier-capped, 16,478-foot (5,023-meter) volcano has erupted periodically since 1999,.
For example, most hibernators periodically warm their bodies to nearly normal summertime temperatures, sometimes as many as a dozen times over the course of the winter.
However, the online catalog is updated periodically throughout the training year, and new CDs are produced with each update.
Instructional materials need to be reviewed periodically to ensure that they continue to meet program standards (Hensrud, 2001);
To ensure the security of the information and information systems that support critical operations and infrastructure, federal law and policy require agencies to periodically test and evaluate the effectiveness of their information security controls at least annually.
Talking points are periodically bolded amid chapters that severely question the existence of free will in a culture and universe filled with so many deterministic forces, the abuse of language to laud what benefits the self as "good" and discredit what psychologically or materially displeases the self as "evil", and other all-too-common hypocrisies of human speech and motivation.
The Times' Sunday Magazine periodically publishes special-issue supplements on Style, Travel, etc.
EPA intends to update the document periodically as regulations are added or revised.
Like other snakes, this one molts, or sheds its skin periodically, to reveal a newly formed layer beneath (see Nuts & Bolts, p.
You should periodically review your agreements with all vendors and request better pricing from the high-volume vendors.
On textured finishes, periodically apply baby or mineral oil.
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