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Synonyms for periodical

Synonyms for periodical

happening or appearing at regular intervals

happening or appearing now and then

Synonyms for periodical

a publication that appears at fixed intervals

happening or recurring at regular intervals


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Except for Hoy and Hale (1991), who did not collect this data, all of the bibliographic analyses of LIS student work have found a core group of periodicals that provide the majority of periodical references.
The county was surveyed for periodical cicada chorusing centers during 30 May and 12-13 June 2011 by driving through the county and recording the locations where calling cicadas could be heard.
African American women took critical positions in the African American press, and some of the most influential contributions to American literary history have come from scholars working to recover periodical writings by African American women of this era, as I discuss below.
Because the advertising exploits the exempt function of the periodical, which is to educate your readers, the law gives you a possible break in computing UBIT.
Google Scholar ( is a Google search engine specifically set up to search periodical literature.
With the reissue of these forgotten stories from the periodical market, the scholarly community has an opportunity to reassess Henderson's marginal status in African American literary history.
Group 3: How to Find Articles from Popular Periodicals. Discuss all the options and the exact resources and processes (hint: there is more than one way!) for identifying and physically locating popular periodicals, including the microfiche holdings.
Periodicals rate (formerly 2nd Class) mailings have also left some publishers disgruntled about the dependability of timely delivery.
Topics lead to related websites, periodicals, reference works, and multimedia sources.
However, the copy of periodical record of land (Fard) generated from these centres will be for record purposes.
ISLAMABAD -- Four periodical reports of various Standing Committees for the period July -
ISLAMABAD:Four periodical reports of various Standing Committees for the period July -
Delafield devotes the final chapter to the "after-life" of each serial, and analyzes the reproduction of serials within "fixed texts" (1) ranging from bound versions of the periodical to author-centered collections to single volume formats.
As I consider recent developments and debates in periodical research, it seems that a similar divide between the pre- and postdigital worlds has manifested itself.
ARTICLE 19: Global Company for Freedom of Expression international organization recommended Tajik authorities to promote public hearings on the further reform of the law on the periodical press and other mass media, and other laws related to the freedom of expression, the monitoring service of the National Association of Independent Media of Tajikistan reported."Experts of the human rights organization came to this conclusion after a legal analysis of the law on the periodical press and other mass media, adopted in 2013.
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