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(chemistry) the principle that chemical properties of the elements are periodic functions of their atomic numbers

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Many research papers have been written about the discovery of the Periodic Law of Elements.
For the pluralist, the discovery of predicted elements confirmed, not Mendeleev's periodic law directly, but assumptions he made to develop the law.
Periodic Table (The Early Reception of Mendeleev's Periodic Law in Russia; About the Periodic Table in German Popular and School Chemistry Books at the End of the 19th Century; The Role of the Czech Chemists in the Reception and Dissemination of the Periodic System in Europe; Chemical Classifications, Textbooks and School Disciplines in Spain in the 19th Century; The Reception of Mendeleev's System in Belgium; The Reception of Mendeleev's Periodic System In Sweden: A Non-Revolutionary Event; The Reception and Use of the Periodic System in Denmark, 1870-1920; The Reception of the Periodic Table among Norwegian Chemists, c.
Venable's The Development of the Periodic Law, published in 1896--before the discovery of the electron or modern theories such as quantum mechanics.
Among topics discussed by the 13 papers are the short happy life of Mendeleev's Periodic Law, old and new patterns in the table, the metallurgist's periodic table and the Zintl-Klemm concept, the lanthanide elements, the heavy elements, relativity, classifying chemical elements and particles from the atomic to the subatomic scales, and quantum physics.
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