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For instance, 1/days during weeks denotes the period of time defined by the first day of each week; 18/hours during days is a periodic event ocurring at 6:00 pm every day; any/hours during day denotes a periodic event at every hour.
iStockalypse(TM) is a periodic event that brings iStockphoto contributors together in different cities around the world to create images, collaborate creatively and learn from one another.
For example, 66% of the executives surveyed described strategic planning at their companies as a periodic event, often conducted as a precursor to the yearly budgeting and capital-approval processes.
The Forum is a periodic event focused on networking, technology updates and collaboration.
I also have plans to conduct periodic events in Gulf countries under the auspices of the BCCI, if elected, with support of other (board) members.
This will be achieved through regular publications of research works, talk programmes and organising periodic events like seminars/workshops which are expected to inform all stakeholders on issues surrounding refugees and migrants.
Both festivals have held periodic events to acquaint people with religious traditions beyond ones with which they were familiar and to celebrate the diversity of faiths in each metro area.
Advice surgeries are periodic events where politicians can speak with constituents needing assistance.
Sheikha said Organic Oasis holds periodic events and encourages individual, family, school and corporate visits.
The International Center for Islamic Economy will be a major focal point for providing Islamic economy and finance services through studies and databases, periodic events, annual reports, and scientific analyses to address current and future market issues.
Turnarounds are planned, periodic events when a production facility is taken offline for a defined period for inspection and maintenance work.
Moreover, the conference was successful in demonstrating the role of QRCE and the periodic events they supervise and coordinate to help the creative owners of inventions and innovations develop their businesses.
I used to think that they were just periodic events of no significance, but now I think it's a way of keeping a lid on(us).
The meeting discussed the possibility of holding periodic events to consider needs of Somalia and its neighboring countries that are shouldering burdens of the difficult humanitarian condition due to the unstable situation in Somalia.
District offices also hold periodic events for small business owners to meet with contracting officers.