periodic breathing

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abnormal respiration in which periods of shallow and deep breathing alternate

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The periodic breathing percentage was less than 5%; the median duration of central apneas was 8 and 7 sec in REM and NREM sleep respectively.
In addition, many OSA patients display an enhanced controller gain during sleep, which would predispose to periodic breathing (20).
A sophisticated three-layer algorithm distinguishes between obstructed and clear airway apneas and periodic breathing such as Cheyne-Stokes Respiration.
They needed a variable positive airway pressure device, the VPAP Adapt, recently approved for the treatment of central sleep apnea, mixed sleep apnea, and periodic breathing.
In summary, perpetuation of periodic breathing and central apnea or hypopnea occurs as a result of the mutual interaction of the dynamically changing sleep/wake states and the corresponding modulations in respiratory control that occur with shifts from one state to another.
As soon as birth occurs, the normal newborn baby begins a continuous pattern of periodic breathing characterized by a succession of apneas followed by regular breathing.
A high loop gain system is present if periodic breathing develops in the setting of minimal perturbation whereas a low loop gain system remains stable despite major perturbation.
Adaptive Servo Ventilation (ASV) provides ventilatory support to rapidly treat all forms of central sleep apnea (CSA), mixed apnea and periodic breathing, commonly known as Cheyne-Stokes respiration (CSR).
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