period of time

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an amount of time

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He said the projects of such capacity were not even completed in China in such a short period of time.
begin strikethrough]In computing any period of time prescribed or allowed by these rules, by order of court, or by any applicable statute, the day of the act or event from which the designated period of time begins to run is not to be included.
kt] amount of resource k available in a period of time t
6 : a long period of time <It's been ages since we last saw you.
Bottom line: Every part of the country is faced with a daily threat of power grid failure for an extended period of time.
Some governments provide benefits intended to hasten an employee's voluntary termination of services, sometimes referred to as early-retirement incentives, which may be offered for a short period of time or, in some cases, may be part of a longer-standing offer.
The court struggled with evidentiary and scientific issues about how toxic chemicals can cause unique injuries in which a person is harmed over a long period of time before actually becoming aware of the problem.
However, to extend a rate for a significant period of time will cost the purchaser money.
Talking to the Fox TV Powell said: "They need our troops there for some considerable period of time in the future.
Instead, they must report and remit such amounts to the appropriate state offices after the property has been abandoned for a prescribed period of time.
It's really quite an achievement for such a short period of time, because the lead time for selling the service is very long," Lentz says.
This lets you invest in a larger basket of stocks in a shorter period of time.
The challenge of executing a movement that is either new, harder, or for a longer period of time than is usual results in fatigue, tissue breakdown, exhaustion and muscular failure.
Under the terms of this type of trust, you reserve the right to continue residing in the home for a fixed period of time, after which ownership transfers to the trust's beneficiaries.