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the general region between the anus and the genital organs

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It also results when the pelvic muscles are stretched and weakened or the perineum is torn, which affects bowel control.Faecal incontinence lasts for several months.
This flap provides sensate coverage of the perineum due to genital branch of the genitofemoral and ilioinguinal nerve.
The necrotising fasciitis of FG involves the superficial and deep fascial planes of the perineum. The overlying skin may be involved, but the muscular structures deep to the fascia and the testes are usually spared because they have an independent blood supply.
Extra stitches: If you had a vaginal birth and tore naturally or the doctor had to cut the perineum; the space between the vagina and the anus and you were stitched up, especially the last stitch.
The wider Specialized Power saddle apparently gives Froome better sit-bone contact, with a significant pressure-reducing cut away in the middle avoiding contact on his perineum. The Specialized saddle is also shorter, allowing Froome's position to respect UCI rules in his desired position.
the mobile flood protection system must be suitable for linear use as well as for use in the perineum dams.
Usual birthing practice is at the discretion of the midwife to either have 'hands on' or 'hands off ' the perineum, but OASI is testing the effectiveness of all midwives guarding the perineum with their hands during birth to reduce the risk of tearing.
No relevant structures can be visualised over the ventral perineum, as opposed to the male fetus, where the urethra runs the entire length, up to the anus.
When the patient awoke from surgery, she discovered significant burns to her vaginal area, perineum, anus, and buttocks.
On examination, child was vitally stable, mildly icteric and had multiple erythematous large bullous blackish lesions on scalp, lower abdomen, perineum, back and soles.
Soranus was the first to propose perineal compresses to support the perineum and to prevent tears of the soft birth canal during fetal head passage (1).
In colorectal surgery, there are many operations and procedures that require adequate exposure of the anus and perineum. In some patients, particularly male patients, it may be difficult to achieve this due to a low-lying scrotum.
The Ministry of Health (MoH) confirmed the death of a newborn baby in Johor Baru on February 4 was due to shortness of breath (asphyxia) after the baby's head was stuck in the mother's perineum during a footling breech delivery at home.
The most common cause of penile fracture is hitting erected penis against the perineum or the symphysis pubis during vigorous intercourse [1, 2].