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occurring during the period around birth (5 months before and 1 month after)

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A study of 2122 perinatally infected children found an even higher incidence of high total cholesterol ([greater than or equal to] 220 mg/dL), 3.
Adolescents with perinatally acquired HIV (APHIV) were not expected to live beyond childhood, but are now living into young adulthood because of the development of more effective antiretroviral treatments (Koenig, Nesheim, & Abramowitz, 2011).
We tested this hypothesis by evaluating the expression of sodium transporter mRNA in female mice when they were 7 months old, the earliest time point at which we could detect a significant elevation in the blood pressure of female mice perinatally exposed to DDT (Figure 3A).
She reported on 179 perinatally infected adolescents who were at least 13 years old at the first of their three interviews conducted over a 2.
Providers suspected that the perinatally infected adolescents perceived that older patients acquired HIV through their own actions, while adolescents did not attribute the same fault towards their own perinatally infected cohort.
The present study provides rich data about the experience of perinatally HIV-infected adolescents at different phases of the transition process.
Rates and correlates of antiretroviral use and virologic suppression among perinatally and behaviorally HIV-infected youth linked to care in the United States.
3) Cerebral palsy is caused by damage to the central nervous system during brain development prenatally, perinatally or postnatally.
Unfortunately, the effect on adolescents' (boys and girls aged 10 to 19years) health has received little attention except for the many publications that have emanated from developed countries such as the USA where adolescents perinatally infected with HIV have been present for some time.
HIV-positive children who begin ART in infancy are at increased risk of CNS sequelae compared with untreated perinatally HIV-infected children.
A child infected with HIV perinatally may have additional barriers to overcome, as there will be at least one family member (their mother) who is living with the virus, or who may even have died as a result of it.
We interviewed 14 adolescents aged 15-19 who had acquired HIV perinatally, 10 of their parents or other primary caregivers, and 12 volunteer home-based care providers who provided support, practical advice, and referrals to clinical services.
Because early diagnosis is tantamount to early behavioral intervention, which has been shown to improve individual outcomes, an objective biomarker test that can diagnose at-risk children perinatally is a medical imperative," Hu wrote.
two significant events occurred in the HIV/AIDS epidemic from 1994 to 1996: a) the use of zidovudine during pregnancy decreased the number of perinatally infected infants (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention [CDC], 2006), and b) the introduction of highly active antiretroviral therapy (HAART) decreased the overall mortality rate (Panos et al.