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Synonyms for perilously

in a dangerous manner

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Philander to regain the balance which the sudden fright had so perilously endangered.
The beast behind him was gaining upon him, crowding him perilously close upon the heels of the beast in front.
An occasional javelin was still dropping perilously close to us, so we hastened to draw as close as possible to the cliffside, where we were compara-tively safe from the missiles.
At last the girl succeeded in righting the flier, perilously close to the ground.
So violently had she heeled over, that the men in the cabin had been thrown on top of one another into the lee bunk, where they squirmed and twisted and were washed about, those underneath being perilously near to drowning.
By making a third at the interview between them, he might prevent the conversation from assuming a perilously confidential turn.
Instead of struggling futilely and perilously against this lack of sustension, he yielded to it.
Meanwhile the sick woman, frowning prodigiously, and openly scoffing at the whole procedure, was, in spite of herself, beginning to tingle with a feeling perilously near to excitement.
Down the floor they danced, on man-trapping and dinner-getting intent, two fresh young things that undeniably danced well and that were delightfully surprised when the music stranded them perilously near to their desire.
Being only `a glorious human boy', of course he frolicked and flirted, grew dandified, aquatic, sentimental, or gymnastic, as college fashions ordained, hazed and was hazed, talked slang, and more than once came perilously near suspension and expulsion.
Even now, when the boats pulled upon this whale, and perilously drew over his swaying flukes, and the lances were darted into him, they were followed by steady jets from the new made wound, which kept continually playing, while the natural spout-hole in his head was only at intervals, however rapid, sending its affrighted moisture into the air.
A video posted Tuesday shows the young bear hanging perilously from an elevated platform deck in what (http://abc7news.
I think I've stumbled on to why celebs like Sarah Harding are pommel horsing about perilously on BBC1 show Tumble.
And there was almost a cliff-hanger duff duff when the guinea fowl refused to cook quickly enough and Jack's chocolate tart was perilously wobbly.
We are not there yet, but across defence I would identify the Royal Navy as being perilously close.