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Synonyms for perigone

collective term for the outer parts of a flower consisting of the calyx and corolla and enclosing the stamens and pistils

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pusilla mainly by its bigger perigone with broader and less depth concavity, outer tepals with narrowed claws, inner tepals with blades markedly narrower, and longer upwards, and with glandular trichomes spreading in a small area, stamens shorter, with porrect filaments, smaller anthers, and broader connective.
Cypella uliginosa is easily segregated from other species of the section Nais, mainly by the perigone with scarcely deep central concavity, and inner tepals with deeply folded blade.
5 length (cm) Flowers per spathe 1 1 Perigone color and orange, 3.
Perigone tube inconspicuous, up to 1 mm long; tepals 21-26 x 6-8 mm, spatulate, with a subobtuse-apiculate apex; apicule ca.
Moreover, it differs from the here described species by having a longer spathe (24-40 mm long), a larger pedicel (26-53 mm) and perigone tube (3 mm), clearly wider tepals (more than 10 mm), and larger anthers of up to 8 mm long.
Perigone 30-35 mm long, white, with a greenish base; tube ca.
1/3 of its length, a bigger perigone (35-50 mm long), and the longer anthers (4.