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periapsis in Earth orbit

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The upcoming full moon, lunar perigee, the end of Daylight Saving Time, erratic behavior from deer in estrus and the likely arrival of the first cold fronts of the month create "perfect storm" conditions for bad weather and problems on the road and on the farm.
The reason this perigee full moon is quite so "super" is because perigee and full moon happen at almost exactly the same time, so the moon is at its closest possible when it's also at its fullest.
This causes the moon to appear much bigger and brighter than usual, and this is what we call a supermoon, or technically, a perigee Moon.
On September 28, the moon's orbit, according to mathematician and veteran star gazer Ioannis Fakas, will be at perigee, the closest distance it reaches the Earth.
Besides the moon's perigee coinciding with the full moon in June, this perigee will be the nearest to Earth this year, Ibrahim Al-Jarwan, a researcher at Sharjah Planetarium, said.
The phenomenon occurs when the Moon is in perigee - its closest point to the Earth.
A supermoon or perigee full Moon brings with it extra-high "perigean tides".
The occurrence - known as a lunar perigee - was watched by stargazers across Teesside.
The lunar perigee made it appear bigger and brighter, although it only grew by 0.
Star gazers will be hoping to see a bigger and brighter moon than normal as it reaches the closest point to the Earth, referred to as a lunar perigee, since 1992.
The problem with this claim is that on March 11 the Moon was actually closer to apogee than perigee, at approximately 400,000km from the Earth, which is further than the average distance between the Moon and the Earth throughout the Moon s orbital cycle.
For amateur and professional astronomers, a lunar perigee, which describes when the Moon is closest to us, offers an opportunity to get up very close to the Earth's satellite.
By Paul Owens and Paul Nathan, with drinks recipes by Dave Herlong Perigee, February, 2010, $18.
The Perigee Transobturator Anterior Prolapse Repair System can be used to support any type of anterior vaginal wall prolapse--proximal, distal, lateral, or central.
We know that sin [phi] = sin i sin(f + w) where i is the inclination of the orbit, f is the true anomaly and w is the argument of the perigee.