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outer layer of the spore-bearing organ in many fungi

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mesentericum with a striated peridium wart surface renders impossible to differentiate the above described taxaonly using morphological characters.
Upon examination under microscopy it was observed to be plectomycetes characterized by the production of cleistothecia scattered or gregarious, nonstromatic, obpyriforme, globose to subglobose, 150-275 [micro]m in diameter, hyaline at first, becoming creamy or yellowish, glabrous peridium membranaceous pseudoparenchymatosum, consisting of texture angularis to globulose, with cells measuring 4-12 x 2.
Peridioles (spore packets): 1-2 mm broad, whitish to buff, circular but flattened (disklike), attached to peridium by a long thin cord; several per fruiting body.
rotundatis, flavidis vel brunneis, primo poro centrali apertis tandem erumpentibus, subepidermalibus; hymenio subepidermalibus, applanato; peridium hyphoideis evidentis; paraphysibus in hymenio copiosis.
granulatus sporocarps (fruit) confirmed the high nitrogen levels, but found that most was stored in the totally indigestible spores or otherwise protected by the relatively indigestible cell walls of the peridium (outer shell).
Although Sclerocystis co coremioides sporocarps are probably too small for a rodent to easily manipulate, they often occur in dense aggregations that can be a centimetre across and are sometimes covered by an encompassing hyphal peridium (Gerdemann and Trappe 1974, Almeida and Schenck 1990).
This genus is characterized by superficial ascomata usually covered with hairs or setae (6); membranaceous peridium, consisting of several pseudoparenchymatous layers; asci that are clavate or fusiform (with biseriately arranged ascospores) or sometimes cylindrical (with uniseriately arranged ascospores), thin-walled, evanescent and without apical structures; scarce paraphyses that disappear before ascocarps mature (7); ascospores that are brown or gray-brown (never opaque or black), one celled, with one or sometimes two germ pores, and exuding as a dark, black, sticky mass (8).
During 2011, Sciessent, creator of naturally occurring silver-based antimicrobial brand Agion partnered with Diamond Vogel to offer the Peridium Powder Coatings line.
Ascomatal peridium thin, 10-15 pm thick pseudoparenchymatous dark brown to black, two layered with a pigmented outer layer.
8 mm wide, erumpent, powdery, without peridium, orange-yellowish fading to pale yellow; urediniospores 25-32 x 16-24 [micro]m, broadly ellipsoid to subglobose or angular, catenulate, coarsely verrucose, wall 1.