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the ripened and variously modified walls of a plant ovary

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MORE, V Inhibition of pericarp browning and shelf life extension of litchi by combination dip treatment and radiation processing.
Four ordinary rice genotypes with off-white pericarp (Khao Dak Mali 105, KDML 105; Chainat 1, CNT 1; Patumthani 1, PTT 1; RD 21) and one black pericarp genotype (Kam Doi Saket, KDK) were grown together in the field in the wet season (June-November) of 2012, at Chiang Mai University, Thailand.
Previous investigation on the isolation of phytochemicals from its leaves, pericarp and twigs yielded xanthones, benzophenones flavonoids, biflavonoids and triterpenes showing antioxidant, antimicrobial, cytotoxic and anticholinesterase activeties [5, 16-20].
Aflatoxins and fumonisins are not uniformly distributed in maize kernels and higher concentrations tend to be found in germ and bran fractions produced by dry milling due to the presence of the pericarp in these fractions.
The concentration of total solid soluble sugar content in fruit pericarp tissue was determined by (%) Brix (30) using digital Brix meter (Atago[R]pocket refractometer PAL-1).
Bio-wood is a commercial product made from on Anacardium pericarp being markted by Kanzo AG, Pakistan.
Dormancy in this species is linked to several factors, especially physical attributes that are related to seed coat restrictions imposed by the glumes (lemma and palea), pericarp and tegument (Binotti, Sueda Junior, Cardoso, Haga, & Nogueira, 2014).
Several compounds in the pericarp of the mangosteen have recently been identified, mainly polyphenolic compounds including anthocyanins, xanthones, garcinone E, 8-deoxygartanin, gartanin, prenylated xanthones, and condensed tannin [1, 2].
The aim of present study was to explore the amount of essential metals in branch, pericarp and seed of the date fruit in order to examine correlation of these metals at various maturity stages.
The chief protective function for the embryo with unspecialized seed coat (thin-walled and collapsed cells) seems to be exercised by the pericarp wall of the cypsela (achene).
8 mm long), disarticulate more readily (facilitated by an attenuated base), are covered by a tightly adhering camouflagic mottled layer (homologous with the perianth), have relatively thick pericarp walls, are relatively long-lived, and do not all germinate more or less simultaneously (Vavilov, 1926; Small, 1975a).
and future scope of water users associations in the Punjab, Pakistan", "Postharvest pericarp browning and quality management of litchi
Adsorption of phenol from diluted aqueous solutions by activated carbons Obtained from bagasse, oil palm shell and pericarp of rubber fruit.
Characterisation and quantification of xanthones from the aril and pericarp of mangosteens (Garcinia mangostana L) and a mangosteen containing functional beverage by HPLC-DAD-MSn.
DOLE extended P300,000 livelihood assistance to the cornick farmer-producers belonging to the Sumader Credit Cooperative in the form of equipment such as mixer, pericarp remover, drying tables, sorting and container with dispenser.