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Synonyms for window


Synonyms for window

a transparent opening in a vehicle that allow vision out of the sides or back

a transparent panel (as of an envelope) inserted in an otherwise opaque material

an opening that resembles a window in appearance or function

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the time period that is considered best for starting or finishing something

a pane of glass in a window

an opening in a wall or screen that admits light and air and through which customers can be served

(computer science) a rectangular part of a computer screen that contains a display different from the rest of the screen

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There does not appear to be a need for more invasive procedures, such as a thoracotomy or pericardial window, given the success and lack of complications with minimally invasive techniques.
Abdominal ultrasound demonstrated a flattened IVC and significant abdominal ascites, so a subxiphoid pericardial window (to exclude pericardial tamponade) was performed and bilateral thoracostomy tubes were placed to ensure that extrinsic compression was not the cause of right atrial underfilling.
Before a pericardial window could be performed, the patient suffered a cardiac arrest requiring a bedside pericardiocentesis which yielded 850 cc of bloody fluid and a prolonged resuscitation effort.
Loculated effusions and effusions containing clots increase the risks of closed pericardiocentesis, mainly perforation of the ventricle; in these instances an open approach is more desirable, both for safety and to obtain pericardial tissue and create a pericardial window.
He underwent a pericardial window with catheter drainage, and 400 ml of old clotted blood was withdrawn.
A pericardial window was offered to the patient, given the large amount of effusion present and the need for a definitive diagnosis of the atrial mass that could be accomplished by biopsy, considering that the patient also had a remote history of melanoma with some minimal lymphatic invasion, which had been excised previously.
Please see "Delayed Hemopericardium After Penetrating Chest Trauma: Thoracoscopic Pericardial Window as a Therapeutic Option" on page 994 of this issue.
However, among those who reach the hospital, most cardiac injuries are discovered at admission and treated accordingly, whether initially decompressed with a subxiphoid pericardial window, or approached with an open thoracotomy.