pericardial cavity

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the space between the layers of the pericardium that contains fluid that lubricates the membrane surfaces and allows easy heart movement

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Because the pericardial cavity is less than one millimeter thick, the precision of needle placement is critical.
The two-dimensional echocardiogram revealed a moderate reduction in systolic left ventricular (LV) function and a complex neoplastic mass in pericardial cavity.
The auscultation may find a mill-wheel" murmur arising from the heart beating in a pericardial cavity filled with air and fluid.
Hemolymph was extracted from an anesthetized crab by inserting a #22 needle about 2 cm into the pericardial cavity through the seam between the carapace and abdomen in the middle of the posterior edge of the animal.
The diagnosis of hydropneumopericardium requires the application of Shackelford criteria which include (i) high-pitched tympanic percussion note, (ii) loud metallic splashing sound synchronous with heart sounds, and (iii) characteristic chest X-ray with an air-fluid level in the pericardial cavity.
On the exploration, the pericardium was thick, fibrotic and pericardial cavity was filled with fresh and organized thrombi.
Additional methods used injections, bypassing external defensive barriers, to provide an exposure directly to the pallial cavity and alternately into the pericardial cavity.
The pericardial cavity may normally contain, under physiologic conditions, up to 25 mL of serous fluid.
The space between the 2 layers is called the pericardial cavity.
Although not the target of this study, we also detected the presence of Philometra saltatrix in the pericardial cavity of one adult male bluefish collected in NC and three adult males in NY.
Pyopericardium is caused by infection of the pericardium with pyogenic organisms, resulting in accumulation of pus in the pericardial cavity leading to severe respiratory distress and heart failure due to cardiac tamponade.
After we removed the recipient's heart, we stared at the empty pericardial cavity and wondered what we'd actually done," recalled Stinson, professor emeritus of cardiothoracic surgery at Stanford.
It was difficult to distinguish the source of fetal cardiac mass either within the heart or in the pericardial cavity by fetal echocardiography.
Pericardial cavity was opened to clamp the supra diaphragmatic IVC to repair its sub diaphragmatic tear, after suction clearance of the pericardial cavity it was closed keeping a drainage tube inside.