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Words related to perfumery

perfumes in general

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store where perfumes are sold

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an establishment where perfumes are made

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the art of making perfumes

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of Value Retailer Store Type Stores Share Marionnaud perfumeries 559 26% Sephora perfumeries 240 24% Nocibe perfumeries 458 16% Douglas perfumeries 180 7% Beauty Success perfumeries 235 7% Galeries Lafayette department 54 5.
There are some 700 perfumeries in Lebanon with around 400 selling cheap brands from Japan and France but only a few sell Oriental perfumes, according to Chehab.
Available nationwide in perfumeries from July 19, from pounds 29.
Helier, are lined with boutiques, perfumeries and jewelers offering bargains free from the dreaded VAT (value-added tax).
Analyze specific retail segments, such as Food/Supermarkets, Apparel, DIY, Electronics, Convenience and Forecourt, Drug and Perfumeries, Hypermarkets, Department Stores and more.
Udo Heuser, managing director of new company Beauty Brands International, posted good business and many new contacts: "For us, Beautyworld is the most important contact point in terms of perfumeries.
The first Diesel scent is expected to be available at perfumeries and department stores at the end of 2007.