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Synonyms for perform

Synonyms for perform

to begin and carry through to completion

to react in a specified way

to carry out the functions, requirements, or terms of

to produce on the stage

to make music


Synonyms for perform

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Normal practice is to perform a weekly full Exchange backup.
2'' soon and the orchestra will perform it in November.
Firms that perform engagements under AICPA and government auditing standards or those that examine prospective financial information under AICPA attestation standards still will have system reviews.
Marching or Ceremonial Band: performs for military ceremonies, parades and civic events
Since we normally perform the drill over 10 hurdles, the athlete gets five reps with each leg.
Courts following the fourth line of authority hold that a court must perform a balancing test in determining whether an accountant is liable to third-parties.
Soliman defined the "principal place of business" test so narrowly that even individuals who perform essential business activities in the home office will be denied deductions for utilities, depreciation, insurance, repairs, etc.
In many leasing arrangements, employees of a company become employees of a leasing firm, but perform the same work for the company.
Case management combines these traditionally isolated hospital functions into one department in order to perform many related functions simultaneously.
Data will be sourced from a PCI-X device, displaying CoSine's seamless bus-bridging capabilities to RapidIO, and utilize QDR memory to perform the real time transforms before CoSine DMAs the data over the Serial RapidIO fabric to a Mercury Computers' endpoint.
The first generation of intelligent switches performs these operations using dedicated ASICs at the port level.
If the individual performs the work on the premises of the person for whom the services are performed, tiffs suggests control over the worker, especially if the work could be done elsewhere.
She records and performs regularly with her husband including a fundraising concert with Paul Simon and Stevie Wonder and a successful recital tour of Japan that included a private performance in the presence of the Empress of Japan.
Susan Marshall & Company tweaks the traditional in Sleeping Beauty and Other Stories October" 21-25; Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker/ Rosas stages Rain, set to Steve Reich's 1976 work Music for 18 Musicians November 12-15, and Taiwan's Cloud Gate Dance Theatre performs Moon Water November 18, 20-22.
color) Rick Miller performs ``MacHomer,'' a retelling of Shakespeare's ``Macbeth'' using voices from ``The Simpsons.