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His crash course The Nuts and Bolts of Being a Performing Artist has been hosted by Springboard for the Arts, SIU Carbondale, Pierce College, Assets for Artists, The Arts and Business Council of Greater Boston and Easthampton City Arts+.
Playing-related musculoskeletal disorders and stress-related health problems among percussionists Medical Problems Of Performing Artists, 24:175.
An understanding of the process of intervention by a performing artist must also include the reactions of the plaintiff minority as well, and other minorities.
Treatments available to performing artists result in a high degree of success and recovery.
And most importantly, by music teachers creating a background of relatedness to empower teams and teamwork to produce powerful results and taking a stand for the health of every performing artist in the world, our collective goal will be realized, that is the resilient performer.
Laura Ernst has been preparing and training for a celebrated career as a performing artist since she was a child first learning to juggle in elementary school.
Much of the information in this book applies to many performing artists, not just trumpet players.
While such practices may serve a performing artist well, mastery of such techniques requires time and commitment.
There are five volumes for solo piano in the Warner Brothers Publication Performing Artist Series.
Ailey told Chaya to come back the next day to audition and he has been there ever since--first as a performing artist, then rehearsal director, and eventually as Ailey's choreographic assistant.
One of the workshops conducted by Perform with founder Iman Zaki in the middle -- photo courtesy of "Perform" official Facebook page CAIRO -- 3 December 2017: In the midst of cultural centralization in Cairo, social and political tensions, and a decrease in available resources and spaces, performing artists in Alexandria are struggling to restore the status of the live arts in Egypt.
NEW YORK CITY] It's easy to think of sculpture as a static form, but what happens when you place it in the midst of a public park and invite performing artists to inhabit it?
PESHAWAR -- The performing artists in different aspects in the field, have asked provincial government to fix stipend for them on monthly basis in order to feed their children.
A selected group of Chinese performing artists would entertain the residents of federal capital in the PNCA auditorium, an official of Chinese Culture Centre told reporter.
Tenders are invited for Performing artists for opening and headliner acts for the 2016 Essence of Entertainment Concert Series.
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