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  • verb

Synonyms for perform

Synonyms for perform

to begin and carry through to completion

to react in a specified way

to carry out the functions, requirements, or terms of

to produce on the stage

to make music


Synonyms for perform

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* There may be a reasonable risk of harm to the patient if the test is performed incorrectly.
In view of these requirements, members should satisfy themselves regarding the competence, practices and procedures of any third party provider, regardless of the type of services provided of the location at which they are performed. At a minimum, it seems advisable for members to discuss with the third party the specific controls in place to safeguard the client's information and to satisfy themselves that such controls are adequate.
Workout Frequency -- the number of times the workouts are performed each week.
Individuals must consider the relative importance of activities performed at each business location and focus on whether revenue is generated or services are performed in their home offices.
* Actuarial valuations performed in connection with a client's pension or postretirement benefit liabilities are permitted because they do not involve a significant amount of subjectivity (that is, the valuation results would be reasonably consistent regardless of who performs the valuation).
Under that article, income derived by an individual from the performance of personal services in an independent capacity is taxable only in the individual's country of residence unless the services are performed in the other country and the income is attributable to a fixed base regularly available to the individual in the other country for the purpose of performing the activities.
Sergiy has performed in numerous concerts and recitals in Europe and the United States.
This includes the initial diagnostic sleep study, whether it is performed in a laboratory or at home.
To obtain such certificates, the taxpayer performed continuing, progressive inspections of its aircraft components, including the engines.
1 to the current standards states that an on-site peer review can be performed at another location for a sole practitioner with four or fewer staff.
It enabled us to design an exceptionally productive and metabolically challenging workout of running, agility, and jumping drills performed in deep sand.
If the worker has the right to end his or her relationship with the person for whom the services are performed at any time without incurring liability, this indicates an employer-employee relationship.
Although I was a novice at formal concerts and had never performed a concerto before, the two pieces I played were comfortable to me, and all had gone surprisingly well up to this point--the lessons, the audition, the rehearsals with conductor and orchestra.
In this retrospective study, we describe the outcomes of 22 such patients who were treated with a superior adenoidectomy performed with a St.
Some tasks on the castings may be performed away from the belt, such as grinding on a stand grinder, while other operations using hand tools may be performed while the casting is on the moving belt.