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a bond given to protect the recipient against loss in case the terms of a contract are not filled


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'The victim proceeded to deposit three bank drafts in the form of cheques as performance bonds to secure the project offered by a real estate development corporation, whom the suspect was attached to as a representative,' he said.
Although the same surety may provide the contractor's performance bond and the completion bond, such a procedure is usually not recommended.
After a detailed review of case studies and surveys of contractors, State DOTs, and sureties, researchers found that the rate of default on performance bonds for the industry is less than 1 percent.
The matter was taken to court and the judge ordered CCEL to make a payment of PS420,000, equivalent to the financial value of the performance bond. The court placed Liberty in the same position as it would have been if the bond had originally been provided.
That was also the instance when PSALM discovered that the submitted performance bond was not valid.
According to the new law, the 10% performance bond exemption included in the previous law can now be granted to contracts with a total value of less than $136,132; these also include contracts comprising the commencement of work or provision of consulting services.
He added that the new law took into consideration the financial burden caused by the performance bond which relatively increases the projects' cost.
Finance Wales' new investments fund manager, Mike Owen, said: "One of the issues for businesses in the north-east of England is trying to get performance bonds to undertake projects.
In this jurisdiction, it is common practice for employers to request that a Performance Bond takes the form of an "on demand" Letter of Guarantee from the Contractor's bank ('the Bank') - a document which will unambiguously stipulate that the Bank will remit the full amount of the bond to the Employer upon receipt of written confirmation from the Guarantee's beneficiary (the Employer) that the Contractor has breached its obligations under the contract.
Bid bond is LE200,000 & 200,000 & 250,000 & 250,000 & 200,000 & 200,000 & 250,000 and performance bond is five per cent of contract price each.
'However, providing the security for performance bonds can put our cash flow under strain, and in this case, finding a local bank to assist was also a significant challenge,' he explained..
cynicalagedone: "No doubt when they finally put in the claim they will find that the Performance Bond had a time limit and they can't claim.
Reality: It costs the same amount of money to obtain a payment bond as it does to obtain a performance bond.
A decision was taken to terminate the license granted to Laqtel because it failed to pay a performance bond to the Telecommunications Authority (TATT).
ASHBY - The town appears to have lost almost $350,000 after the company it paid to build a new firetruck went out of business, along with the company that issued a performance bond for the purchase.
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