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  • verb

Synonyms for perform

Synonyms for perform

to begin and carry through to completion

to react in a specified way

to carry out the functions, requirements, or terms of

to produce on the stage

to make music


Synonyms for perform

References in classic literature ?
Then, Mephistophilis, receive this scroll, A deed of gift of body and of soul: But yet conditionally that thou perform All covenants and articles between us both!
(3) That processes initiated by instinct often come to be performed better after experience;
Yet it was work performed. You did not know me then.
'It is rather unfortunate for the honourable member to make such insinuations, considering that artistes are at liberty to choose where and when they wish to perform,' he said.
It has been made binding on the teachers to perform duty either in Annual or Supplementary exams.
Czech Republic - "I Stand" performed by Gabriela GunAaAaAeAaAaAaAeA k
Since then, she has performed with virtually every major orchestra in Canada, including numerous appearances with the Toronto Symphony, as well as the CBC Vancouver Chamber Orchestra, Calgary Philharmonic, National Arts Centre Orchestra, Edmonton, Victoria, Winnipeg and Saskatoon Symphony Orchestras.
This elicited information regarding routine laboratory activities, contact with CAP samples, tasks performed in conjunction with handling of the samples, and any influenzalike symptoms (sudden onset of fever, cough, headache, and muscle pain) within the respective time frame.
Normal practice is to perform a weekly full Exchange backup.
* perform procedures that more clearly link the risk assessment to the decision of what audit procedures to perform, and when.
199 establishes a deduction for income from certain production activities, including construction activities, performed in the U.S.
Perform a background check on the client's key decision makers in all significant engagements.
PerForm technology uses an anionic, organic particulate with a three-dimensional structure.
They didn't say, "Let's audit them in 1935 and then let's come back in 1940 and audit them again and maybe in 1950 let's perform an audit and then in '52 let's perform an audit." It was every year.
Increasingly, however, disability insurers argue that their insureds have dual occupations and that even if they are unable to perform one occupation, they are not totally disabled under the policy because they can perform the other.