perforated eardrum

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an eardrum with a hole or tear in it

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"Perhaps most seriously she suffered a perforated eardrum, which she was unable to hear out of for some time.
Thirdly, inherent Eustachian tube dysfunction is often associated with a chronically perforated eardrum and, if so, could also have impeded drainage of pus from the middle ear into the nasopharynx.
CHL can be corrected surgically or medically, unlike SNHL, and is caused by ear infections, allergies, fluid in the middle ear from colds, a perforated eardrum, earwax "swimmer's" ear, or because a foreign object is stuck in the ear.
The mother, from Porthcawl, thought she might have suffered an infection or a perforated eardrum, but it turned out to be something far more alarming.
The Porthcawl mum thought she might have suffered an infection or perforated eardrum, but it turned out to be something far more terrifying.
Doctors found that, as a result of the incident, Seagal had a perforated eardrum and blood in the ear canal.
At hospital he was found to have a perforated eardrum and bleeding on the brain.
These toxins might be ingested or seep into the inner ear through a perforated eardrum. Depending on the toxic agent that causes the hearing loss, some effects are reversible.
Xabi Alonso, who signed a two-year contract extension on Wednesday, misses the game as he continues his recovery from a perforated eardrum.
Hannah hides from Marnie, who comes to her apartment to check on her and her perforated eardrum. She sees what Hannah has begun writing, "A friendship between college girls is grander and more dramatic than any romance."
A MAN attacked in his car in an unprovoked attack suffered a perforated eardrum.
It was a serious gash after a brutal ten-rounder that required five stitches and left the new champion with a perforated eardrum, but true courage saw the challenger through.
Don't use ear drops without an exam, because they can cause an ear infection if you have a perforated eardrum. Also, don't use a cotton swab, as this can worsen the blockage and potentially harm the ear canal.
Dennison was treated for a fractured third metacarpal - a broken finger on his right hand - and for a perforated eardrum at UMass Memorial Medical Center after he was released from custody.
They should not be used where there is a perforated eardrum. Olive oil is a gentle lubricant which lubricates both the skin and the wax plug, making it easier for it to be removed.