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having a hole cut through

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having a number or series of holes

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According to the lawyer, Migunas passport has perforated following his controversial deportation.
When we compared laboratory values between non-perforated and perforated AA patients, the differences in leucocyte, neutrophil, and eosinophil counts, neutrophil/leucocyte ratios, and total bilirubin levels were found to be significant between the two groups; however, the differences in platelet counts and MVP values were not found to be statistically significant when the two diagnosis groups were compared (Table 1).
All patients diagnosed clinically with perforated peptic ulcers, admitted to VS Hospital during the period of January 2013June 2014, were prospectively nonrandomized to undergo either conventional open or laparoscopic suture omental patch repair (consent and cafeteria approach).
In 2009 a study showed that post-operative infection rates for non- perforated appendectomies were similar for patients whether they were given pre- and post-operative antibiotics (9%) or only post-operative antibiotics (10%, p=0.
The Individual Perforated Medicine Packaging is also the subject of Design Patent D700,069 S within the United States Patent and Trademark Office.
All the cases were classified according to the clinical diagnosis made, either as having perforated appendicitis or Non-perforated appendicitis.
1%) perforated loop was brought out by making small window and perforation was closed.
Exposure was more strongly associated with perforated appendicitis, with ORs increasing as the period of exposure increased from 3 to 7 days (3-day OR = 1.
With annual sales of about USD80m (EUR59m), Locker focuses on perforated and expanded metal for the non-residential sector, industrial flooring and handrails for the access systems market, as well as screening media for applications in the industrial and mining sectors.
Comparison of gas compositions of samples obtained from the 2011 perforated zones and recent 2012 perforated zones indicates a potential single gas column over the 217 metre interval between the top perforated and bottom perforated zones.
Perforated peptic ulcer is an emergency and requires early surgical intervention1.
The Guebbas zone was then perforated and flowed gas at a sustained rate of 1.
In some applications, the material is perforated and filled with a conductive material to conduct electrons through the material.
Fabric roller shades are the most common but recently new products such as electro-motorized vertical blinds made with perforated aluminum panels (see Fig.
New surgery showed a perforated bowel with peritonitis.