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(of a leaf) having the base united around (and apparently pierced by) the stem

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Other deer favorites, like lily-family members Solomon's-seal, false Solomon's-seal, perfoliate bellwort, nodding trillium, and Turk's-cap lily become stunted and fruitless when over-browsed.
Pruned hard in spring, this species will produce the beautiful perfoliate foliage that is so sort-after by flower arrangers and florists.
Only a few species, however, have consistently been found in nearly all seeps examined, including Agrostis gigantea (red top), Aster lateriflorus (side-flowering aster), Carex lurida (lurid sedge), Equisetum arvense (common horsetail), Eupatorium perfoliatum (perfoliate bone set), Glyceria striata (fowl manna grass), Impatiens capensis, Leersia virginica (white grass), Mimulus ringens (sessile monkey flower), Lobelia siphilitica (great blue lobelia), and Pilea pumila (clearweed).
The rhinophores are perfoliate with about 10 complete or incomplete transverse lamellae.
LEAF DESCRIPTION: SIMPLE, 1 1/2" to 2 1/2" long and 1" to 2" wide, oblong or ovate shape with entire margins, OPPOSITE arrangement, leaves near tip are perfoliate or connate (fused).