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Synonyms for perfect

Synonyms for perfect

lacking nothing essential or normal

without imperfections or blemishes, as a line or contour


conforming to an ultimate form of perfection or excellence

not more or less

supremely excellent in quality or nature

to bring to perfection or completion

Synonyms for perfect

a tense of verbs used in describing action that has been completed (sometimes regarded as perfective aspect)

being complete of its kind and without defect or blemish

precisely accurate or exact

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When the participle describes a source domain participant (and, perhaps, when it is combined with a be- rather than a have-type auxiliary), like in Slavic languages, it can easily change into other senses which do not express perfectness.
Interestingly, the lack of Markov perfectness of the open-loop Nash equilibrium solution is reflected in a very slow return of all policy instruments to levels compatible with steady state equilibrium.
Schilling, Perfectness of Kirillov-Reshetikhin crystals for nonexceptional type, Contemp.
to the triumph of a traveling spring chattering the perfectness of
If you missed it on the big screen, then the DVD release of his latest movie, CyLeatherheadsCO gives you the chance to catch up on what His Perfectness has been up to.
Debbie said: " When we were first told that there was something wrong with our wee boy, our bundle of perfectness, it was devastating.
so that the whole physical creation is organizing itself for a sublime march toward perfectness.
En The Pathe waye to perfectness (1569), James Peele, por boca del maestro, es mas explicito y advierte al discipulo:
My only goal here is to just, in as many ways as possible, affirm our perfectness.
Whether it is a memorial reconstruction of a version already performed or it represents an abridged version prepared for performance, what the text preserves in some degree of perfectness, or rather, imperfectness is an acting version of the play.
30) To be sure, many critics in addition to Moynahan and Dyson have tried to tough it out; hence Mary Armstrong finds Florence the "perfect Victorian female: beautiful to the point of otherworldliness, selfless to the point of invisibility," and then informs us that perfectness is "boring" ("Pursuing Perfection: Dombey and Son, Female Homoerotic Desire and the Sentimental Heroine," Studies in the Novel 28.
1975): "Reexamination of the Perfectness Concept for Equilibrium Points in Extensive Games," International Journal of Game Theory, 4, 25-55.
That picture of perfectness would be there and the responsibility, you know, to not let any of it fall and to keep going day after day after day.
In other words, the question should be considered is the perfectness of a counting method in relation to its implementing cost but not its resulting winners or losers--winners are the people to stand to be better off while losers become worse off when a certain counting method is employed.
Neither Roman nor Arab, Greek nor Egyptian, Persian nor Mongol ever took himself and his own perfectness with such disconcerting seriousness as the modern white man.