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Synonyms for perfective

a tense of verbs used in describing action that has been completed (sometimes regarded as perfective aspect)

the aspect of a verb that expresses a completed action

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However, in (10), it is more natural to assume that the onset of the writing event coincided with the entering, that is, the main clause is understood perfectively.
In German, a language without strongly grammaticalized aspect marking, this has the well-known consequence that relic predications in the simple tenses tend to be interpreted perfectively, while atelic predications are interpreted impeffectively.
Scale economies or other considerations may well determine that a perfectively competitive situation will be sub-optimal, in which case the question arises of how best to distribute or allocate such rents.
151), according to which perfectively viewed events cannot be anchored to punctual events.
If imperfective situations corresponded to processes, the obvious conclusion would be that processes could not be viewed perfectively.
So `it fell', `I've lost it', and `I've (not) eaten' were the most common events viewed perfectively by the children with SLI.
With this organization, the time of situation is always more or less simultaneous with TT, as there are no linguistic means allowing the learner to dissociate them; events are presented perfectively (see section 2.
This determines that the topic of each main-structure utterance optionally involves the protagonist (p) and necessarily a time interval (t) in a chronological chain (i+1), whereas the focus specifies a singular event falling within that time span (and therefore perfectively presented).