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Synonyms for perfective

a tense of verbs used in describing action that has been completed (sometimes regarded as perfective aspect)

the aspect of a verb that expresses a completed action

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In combination with time adverbials denoting a short period of time (for instance, itt minootiahw 'in/for ten minutes', shina sahwtiahw 'in/for two hours', etc.), the past imperfect seems to allow the perfective reading.
However, a number of nouns involving a perfective stem and the suffix -je is attested in relatively frequent use in Serbian (Ignjatovic 2010).
This, taken together with the fact that the temporal reference is actually to future time, and the similar use of the perfective participle in Urdu, for example, for this type of conditional, raises the question of whether this form is best analyzed as "past" or "perfective".
Both have the same form in the perfective aspect, in this case poletet', which describes flying as a completed action.
In Russian, sentences with the perfective viewpoint and present tense convey future time; the Romance languages do not have a perfective present tense form.
McCarthy 1981: 399) in which the vocalic pattern of the transitive verb changes in one of two ways: If it is perfective like kataba 'wrote', it changes into kutiba 'written', i.e., a a [right arrow] u i, if it is imperfective like yaktibu 'write(s)', it changes intoyuktabu 'written', i.e., a i [right arrow] u a.
That is because part of the point of such norms is to lose the individuality so necessary for perfective acts.
(28) Since noncognitive appetition orders the subject to a good that is perfective of it, this criticism that Geiger makes of Rousselot provides an early indication that Geiger does not understand the object of the will, which he calls the "good as such," to be identical with that which is "perfective of the subject." When Geiger addresses the nature of intellectual appetite, he explains that by virtue of intellectual apprehension we are able to understand the "different modalities of the good," and to distinguish and identify the "particular reason for the attraction that emanates from a being." (29) We can grasp that some beings to which we are attracted we call good because they afford us pleasure or utility (that is, perfection or what is conducive to it).
The creators of designed the platform with a buyers perfective in mind.
Eventually, adaptive, perfective, and preventive maintenance activities are effect in increasing the goodwill in a business environment.
(16.) NM bgs, perfective beges, imperfective bcges 'to stop, stand, wait' is an etymological enigma.
They are of the opinion that a greater importance should be placed on preventative and perfective maintenance.
Scholars and advanced students of Semitic linguistics and related disciplines present eight papers on such topics as re-analysis and new roots: an Akkadian perspective, the morphosyntax of nominal antecedents in Semitic and an innovation in Arabic, the main line of a biblical Hebrew narrative and what to do with two perfective grams, some sociolinguistic observations on Hebrew and Hebrew-Yiddish terms and expressions in contemporary German, and Muhamed Hevai Uskufi Bosnevi's 1631 Makbul-i 'arif from a turcological perspective.