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a disposition to feel that anything less than perfect is unacceptable

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The three dimensions of shame (characterological, behavioral, and bodily shame) will mediate the relationships between both perfectionistic concerns and strivings and TTM in both samples.
This appears particularly germane in the domain of dance given the concerns voiced in the literature regarding how aspects specific to the dance environment might contribute to perfectionistic tendencies.
This finding was consistent with Leong and Chervinko's (1996) research in that perfectionistic strivings were associated with positive career factors and perfectionistic concerns were associated with negative career outcomes.
Eum & Rice, 2010) indicate that females who endorse avoidance in terms of fearing failure and concerns regarding their adequacy in achievement situations, are more likely than males to be maladaptive perfectionistic.
For example, he challenged perfectionistic thinking by asking how realistic it was for anyone to be that perfect.
Using latent profile analysis and indicators of perfectionistic strivings, perfectionistic concerns, and neuroticism in both groups, the authors derived a 3-profile solution: adaptive perfectionists, maladaptive perfectionists, and nonperfectionists.
But those are the types of individuals that go into the industry -- people who tend to have a perfectionistic mindset and are very competitive.
This study assesses the relationship of self-compassion with perfectionistic self-presentation, perceived forgiveness, and perceived support from one's Christian community.
Consider anxiety when a child is too nervous to pay attention, is distracted by worry, is concerned about what peers think to the point of having to listen in on their conversations, is unable to come up with an answer for a teacher that is perceived as critical, or is perfectionistic about work so it never gets done on time.
Initially I was perfectionistic and had extremely high expectations for activism .
If you notice perfectionistic tendencies in yourself, Boyes suggests coming up with specific warning signs that you've persisted too long on something and it's time to take a break.
In addition to feeling out of step with our culture, other negatives about being an HSP include being easily overwhelmed or overstimulated, needing a lot of space and time alone, being too perfectionistic, and being too much affected by the emotions of others--even on TV.
This advice taught me you can change how you choose to see things and becoming far less self-critical and perfectionistic than I was before has really helped me
As with many of the other personality dimensions conscientiousness can be overdone and these leaders tend to be perfectionistic, overly demanding and neglect their health and family as a result of overwork.
Otherwise, look out for perfectionistic thoughts, and ask yourself: Who are you trying to please?