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a person who is displeased by anything that does not meet very high standards

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Hamachek (1978) was one of the first theorists to conceptualize perfectionism in a multidimensional way, theorizing that "normal" perfectionists hold high standards but are still able to experience pleasure and satisfaction despite falling short of goals.
The resulting three-cluster solution was interpretable as clusters representing the three perfectionist types as represented in the rational approach, and was thus regarded as a good and adequate representation of the data.
It was also hypothesized that students who were classified as adaptive perfectionists would report significantly higher multidimensional life satisfaction scores than would students who were classified as maladaptive perfectionists and nonperfectionists.
Unfortunately, neither did my perfectionist tendencies.
By contrast, critics on the left are likely to argue that minimalism is only useful as a defensive strategy, and that a perfectionist strategy was necessary to achieve breakthrough successes in desegregation (Brown v.
From Zaha Hadid's impossibly fluid rooms with no corners, to Norman Foster's havens of perfectionist serenity; from David Chipperfield's Zen-like visions of relaxation to Ron Arad's eclectic mixing of moods and materials, Puerta America is the ultimate in deluxe set dressing, bringing the gossamer wing world of superstar architecture to the modern, discerning traveller in one convenient package.
We sometimes see perfectionist buyers determined to "win" on buying an asset, fiddling around with various LIBOR-based, low-rate bank financing alternatives, wondering which will save them more money, while their competition is either paying all cash or has a Bridge loan lined up so they can go to contract without a financing contingency (two metaphors that come to mind are: "winning the battle but losing the war", and "playing the violin while Rome is burning").
Written for teenagers as a gripping, cautionary tale, the story follows perfectionist Johanna's relationship with life of the party Paul.
In a statement, Madonna revealed that her alter ego 'Madame X' is a 'perfectionist' and she wanted the 'intimate theatre production' to run flawlessly.
Have you ever read a job listing that describes a search for a perfectionist? The hiring company must surely have the best intentions: It wants someone who will work hard to get the job done right.
But assistant Giovanni Martusciello, who took charge of the team, revealed he was in constant contact with the "perfectionist".
A perfectionist always sees failures and mistakes as terrible.
The mentalist, who is on the road with his nationwide show Deception, admitted he's a perfectionist in his work.
"If you are starting a project from scratch, then that is the best place to put a perfectionist. The same person who will flounder when asked to take over a legacy project filled with bad code, will shine when asked to architect a solution from scratch."